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Author / Submitted by: street[xx]

Nissan Skyline R33

Made By Street[xx]

Nissan Skyline Made By Street[xx].. I got permissions from him to upload it here
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Download: Nissan Skyline R33

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18. Caballo

2014-02-01 20:29

This mod is unfinished. the ids and the directories are completely wrong, the doors are unfinished, the car appears without windows at the dealers... I've been fixing this mod for a whole day and it's not done yet. All the author did was grab the model from forza, cut it in 3ds and stomp it with the nonus javas. 2/10

17. killerhall95

2011-12-06 11:48

OMFG !!!
nice car good job mate

16. KickButtowski

2011-11-26 01:27

Left steering wheel? :-[

15. Xofroggy

2011-10-16 13:01

@Camarofan how do the forza bodykits suck

14. PXRZ

2011-10-08 21:34

@ MR.Daniel The last one mentioned is rare to find so as some other mods. I happen to have the .zip but it is for LE istead for 221.

13. PXRZ

2011-10-08 21:09

@ Camarofan How do you explain that there is one made by Street[x] (this one), one by Jstyle and there is one other one which I believe is the oldest of them all that is made by SACH as it´s readme says.


12. post9527

2011-10-08 03:44

good work on 221mwm~

11. RobertZX

2011-09-25 14:15

what version? 2.3.0le?

10. streetbeast351

2011-08-30 04:31

@ Camarofan seriously you want to put a kit on a GTR?.... over rated imo they look just fine as they are no need for added crap.


2011-08-29 14:42



8. firstjungrai

2011-08-28 08:47

Thank's :")


7. Camarofan

2011-08-28 06:54

really?? how come all i find is r32's lol
this release is old...was on modzona long time ago, never got it because there was no name to it, but eh i may get this one some time soon, when i decide if ima keep my amount of cars


6. Daniel

2011-08-27 21:01

I hope he soon release 240sx front swaps :3

And his other mods lol when their done ofc

5. RedCarDriver

2011-08-27 16:20

w00t! I've been waiting for this to be released :D I had been talking to Street[xx] about this car, and he said he wasn't done with it yet... but if he's allowing it to be released now, then I'm sure he's basically done with it.


4. Daniel

2011-08-27 12:42

They are 19" And there are 3 different R33's made..

R33 GT-R
And another GT-R that doesnt look right.. (Old)


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