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Toyota Aygo

-- Credits --

The author modification: Ven0m /NRT/
The author screenshots: Ven0m and ZakharoFF
Descriptions by ZakharoFF
Tested on versions 2.2.1MWM and LE2MWM

The modification includes 1 chassis:
- Toyota Aygo

Custom settings glow of lights
Custom settings of physics
The car is only available in the factory version, additional details and tuning are missing
Tags: Aygo , Toyota

Download: Toyota Aygo

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10. vajtusk

2017-01-01 12:50

i dont have any body parts too

9. Irishginger83

2016-08-29 17:18

time for that car that was on Car throttle the Aygo Crazy

8. Burn Rubber

2016-07-04 12:11


7. Burn Rubber

2016-02-21 22:51

I don't have an engine. :(

6. miggtt699

2015-08-16 16:29

What kind of suspension are you using? The rear suspension sticks out the rear doors a bit and I've tried every single one I have on Running Gear and all of them have the same effect.

Here: http://i.imgur.com/i2UqQDW.jpg

(PM Me if you can so I get a notification.)

5. Zeroohfour

2015-06-02 00:19


4. Zeroohfour

2015-05-17 15:24

Car football (not American) anyone?


3. Killerdog11

2015-05-15 07:05

I dont have any body parts...

2. Sterling

2015-05-13 19:12

Cool lil car!


2015-05-13 11:16

FINALLY! Now it´s time to put an UD-3 inline 3 diesel in this one!

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