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Author / Submitted by: Roli

VW Passat 3A2

Now with fix.

Download link updated, now it includes a fix by Miegalius Tags: No tags

Download: VW Passat 3A2

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16. Lenny93

2017-03-12 19:47

new link pls


15. feriensack123

2013-05-10 22:59

new link ! plz


14. Rithie Blackmore

2013-02-03 01:45

what is the name of the map??

13. orion

2011-08-10 16:39


12. ajtyler

2011-08-05 19:34

it is missing the tuning right sideskirt it makes my car look incomplete :OMG it is needed to be fixed :-D

11. dicio_cross

2011-08-01 00:49

Daniel is right

10. Miegalius

2011-07-31 16:24

fix uploaded

9. Prius

2011-07-31 08:36

I dont know, i found it on modzona ru


8. Daniel

2011-07-31 05:51

Isn't this one of Roli's old mods? It's a GSM product i think :P

7. Prius

2011-07-30 22:01

Miegalius: if you made fix upload it.

6. Prius

2011-07-30 21:54

fix, it´s good

5. Miegalius

2011-07-30 20:03

made a lil fix for this one...
I can upload if any of you wanna

4. redline_racer

2011-07-30 15:19

cba to download this one.

3. adomas

2011-07-30 13:48

very very very old, have a lot of bugs.

2. benjaboi

2011-07-30 13:22

thats an understaement :L


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