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Author / Submitted by: Skylines

Lamborghini Diablo SV

SuperVeloce for 221 and MWM

Lamborghini Diablo SV for SLRR 2.2.1 and MWM

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Lamborghini Diablo SV converted from Forza 3.

Need to know:
This model uses Lama engine - more fun and compatibility with 2.2.1 where is no Lambo engine i think... :D
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Devilred is red colored pearlescence. If you dont want use this model you dont have to but if you want to use this model you should to have devil_data in the racers folder. Devilred MAYBE uses some Devils _phys.
In some corners can be stability problems - but you have to drive very fast or do Moose test... :D

Reflection is changed...


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Download: Lamborghini Diablo SV

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16. Naglas

2013-04-15 15:11

SV stands for Super Veloce


15. filipegabriel

2013-02-23 18:58

That Lamborghini is SL (SuperLeggera) not SV


14. oskars_davis

2012-08-25 17:24


13. Shlemsta

2012-08-13 17:08

Can i get a link to the engine?

12. weavernater

2012-08-02 10:19

How do you get the metallic paint? Ive never seen it before

11. Bisharp

2012-07-31 20:26

What engine does it take?

10. eastham

2012-07-20 23:47

really nice mod thank you

9. Makedonija

2012-07-20 13:55

:D OK!

8. skylines

2012-07-20 13:15

Makedonija: Oh god man... Just download some other mod i made and take the paint.png from that mod... :D I wrote it in 3rd comment... :yuno Y U NO READ :D

7. Makedonija

2012-07-20 12:41

Can someone upload the paint.png file without the SV logos?... Thanks!

6. ccpgta

2012-07-18 23:55

ohhh my favorite lambo ,i search times and times to put in my game :megusta :megusta *DRINK* *BRAVO*


2012-07-18 17:59

Nice Lambo :awesome
...but there a problem with the engine that there is a compression problem so the engine won´t start when getting the cars from car select (2.2.1. MWM). :yuno

Tip: Change from "Racing fuel rail" to "Stock fuel rail" then it will work.


4. Daniel

2012-07-18 17:36

Oh ok :D
Thanks for quick answer :3 U make super mods :P

3. skylines

2012-07-18 17:30

SV logos can be removed. Just replace paint.png in the texture folder by paint.png from one of my other mods... or open it with photoshop and erase them... :D


2. Daniel

2012-07-18 17:25

Awesome! :D
But just to be "picky"
I dont like the big SV logo's, and it looks wrong with wide wheels both front and rear.. ;)


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