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Author / Submitted by: HaxoResc

HaxoResc: High Quality StickerBomb & Some other Decals

StickerBomb, and some other Decals

High Quality StickerBomb Decal 5900x5900

This is a High Quality StickerBomb, resolution is 5900x5900 - It look's really good on: Example, the Hood, FrontLips, RoofRack Shield thing.. and on JDM Style cars. There are some other stickers in this pack to - But those are not that good Quality.

This is the first thing I have ever uploaded to GOM or anything as "HaxoResc".
So It's more to come, I think I'm going to make a "Garage Texture", Maybe "Catalog Texture" and some texture stuff first.

If you don't know where to put these Decals, just read the "ReadMe!" file in the WinRAR archive.

Please leave a Comment and tell me what u think!

The file is about 31MB! Tags: No tags

Download: HaxoResc: High Quality StickerBomb & Some other Decals

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8. Andrei Valentin

2016-04-10 14:30

Thank you


7. prostickers

2015-08-01 19:14

donde esta el link de descarga o pueden enviarmelo ami correo [email protected]

6. Sterling

2014-05-30 19:56

Thank you just what i was looking for.


2014-05-29 15:47

I think i just died and went to heaven O_O

4. emykls

2013-01-06 14:08

holy mother of jesus


3. attaphon

2012-12-24 06:52

:awesome :awesome :awesome :awesome


2. tolga1308061

2012-10-10 20:03


1. zachisbeter

2012-08-09 17:34

i was looking for somthing like this!!
i copied a pic of a sticker bomb and it went mad o0
this is much better, Thanks allot!!

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