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Author / Submitted by: Oxman99/Dave_69

1JZGTE v0.9C Beta Rework

Complete re-scripting. - Attempted fix for those with errors.

1JZGTE/2JZGTE Rework v0.9C Beta by Oxman99/Dave_69

TESTED ONLY ON 2.2.1MWM w/ LE2MWM (by oxman99)

Model is 100% _Dave (Dave_69)
All new scripts are 100% Oxman99
75+ parts added

This is the same engine that comes with the AS200 Altezza, is compatible with the Toyota_jza80, or as listed as the 1JZGTE on Gom-team's Engine Download section. YOU WILL NEED TO DELETE JZGTE_F.rpk and the JZGTE_f folder, THE FIX HAS BEEN FIXED AND IS NO LONGER NEEDED!!!!!!!

This package still include the orginal version, and the AS200 and JZA80 still come with it standerd from dealership and catalog, as well as any other cars orginally scripted with this motor as a stock part.

Now able to added engine using SLRR-Editor
If you would like not to use the original version, only apply "Block1, block2, block3, and block4" in SLRR Editor.

NEW SOUNDS are included. If you do not like them, the orginal are included in the sounds file, as well as a backup of the new sounds.

Intercooler Textures: There are a few intercooler textures you can choose from. You can find them in textures/intercooler logos. It uses "Intercooler.jpg", they are listed in the logo folder as "Intercooler1.jpg, intercooler2.jpg" ect, simply copy and paste it over, and delete the number.

Every part comes with some sort of description, is attempted to be based on a real part, and is propper priced. Many parts are interchangable, I aimed for a wide selection of tuning. If certain parts are not compatible, it is a technical reason, IE: t3,t4,t6 turbo flanges, 7/16in & 1/2in headbolts ect. One known problem: Backfire sound effect does not work anymore.

V0.9B UPDATE: For any getting the error in the cylinder head section, please download this version (v0.9b) and delete the previous. I did go back through and look and find a superID conflict between a cylinder head cover and a transmission I rushed and added at the last minute. This discrepancy has fixed and I hope will fix that issue.-OUTDATED

V0.9C UPDATE: For anyone STILL getting the error in the cylinder head section, please download this version (v0.9C) and delete the previous. I did go back through AGAIN and found one more conflict involving the same cylinder head cover. I hope it will fix this crash.
Any errors please post in comments, I will do my best to fix them!

Here's the rpk for people using MWM only: http://www.street-legal-mods.com/datas/users/1046-jzgte_rpk_for_mwm.rar

why is it beta? :: I hope to come back and add some engine kits to aid with building, and some parts currently may not be 100% perfect
Why is there so little nitrous? A turbo motor doesnt need 500lb/hour of nitrous. get real.
I cant manage the horsepower number's ive seen in pictures,why? This is a tuners package, it is all about tuning with the tools you have.
Why is there no methanol fuel rail? As said, its about tuning with the tools avalable. there are ways to unlock the true power of this motor.

Update 02/18/2015: 2.2.1MWM/BB93SLRR Compatible RPK:

Rename to jzgte.rpk
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Download: 1JZGTE v0.9C Beta Rework

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85. TommyB2Drift

2017-08-04 23:27

Im playing on MWM 2.2.1 and I don't know if that's the problem but im getting no sounds


84. KamanPWT

2015-11-02 05:42

Yo, the performance is different from part description. When i built the engine with the most expensive part it only got 700+ HP, after that i tuning it and got 1200+ HP. Its impossible to get 1800 HP


83. Dirtbikr98

2015-10-12 12:41

i have no sounds at all how do i fix it

82. oxman99

2015-02-18 19:00

Added linke for RPK for 2.2.1 by popular demand.

81. AhmadNaim93

2014-11-23 04:25

for those who cant install jzgte fuel rail on jzgte intake manifold, download this and paste to slrr/part/engine/jzgte/script

80. oxman99

2014-07-20 12:18

you're doing it wrong

79. DHR

2014-07-19 16:25

I have all the parts needed, I even watched some guy on youtube build the same engine and installed things like he did but he could install the fuel rail and I could not.

78. oxman99

2014-07-16 12:37

I'm sorry its a chore but no, this mod is not receiving any more updates so kits will not be added. Please make sure you are using the appropriate parts to attached the fuel rail too.

77. DHR

2014-07-16 01:24

Can you just make engine kits? It's fun building engines but when you have so many mods and so many parts it's just a chore.

76. DHR

2014-07-16 01:16

I can't install the fuel rail, the n2o installs fine but not the fuel rail. I also can't find the radiator anywhere.

75. oxman99

2014-06-30 20:40

@ Maxxed thats a suggestion ANYTIME you install any mod, is to start a new profile afterwards. There is no fix for it.


74. Maxxed

2014-06-30 13:31

Well, I fixed my side of the problem. I just deleted my old profile and made a new one. But still, if someone gets the error it isn't nice deleting your old pro and making a new one. A fix please.


73. Maxxed

2014-06-30 11:31

Well, I know I'm a tad bit late, probably some years :P, but Dave said he was perfecting this. However I still get an error.

"create: Wrong GameType! parts\engines\jzgte.rpk:0x00170A11"

Dave & Oxman a fix please ? Would be nice if you perfected your art.

72. oxman99

2014-05-05 20:19

It's located in the "Fuel Delivery" category on my standard 2.2.1MWM w/ LE2MWM mod build.


71. LimahlSpellswell

2014-05-04 17:52

I can't find the fuel rail anywhere. It isn't in any of the categories. Where is it?


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