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Author / Submitted by: Krimzon

2.3.1 Advanced Engine Tuning Mod v0.4

Extra tuning options for all engines in 2.3.1

Advanced engine tuning for steam version 2.3.1 build 927

Patch has been included in main download and is only needed if you downloaded before June 12th 2017
This patch removes a leftover line in the con rods script concerning an unused "default" function in the tuning menu that might throw errors.
This patch also adds the rest of the names for engine parts in the tuning dialog.

Installation is the same as the mod, i.e. drag and drop.
Ai Database DOES NOT need rebuilt for this.
//end of patch

This mod was created by Krimzon
based on an older mod made by appendix,
scripted using updated examples by Oxman99
full credit and thanks to Oxman99 for his Fuel mods

this mod contains extra tuning options and sliders for these parts and works for all engines (confirmed working with mod engines although I do not guarantee 100% compatiblilty)

Con rods
Cylinder Heads
Cam Shafts
Ex Headers

Also contains Oxman99's adjustable fuel mod and extended fuel types

Additionally fixes some Ai cars not having all parts and I changed 1 superduty that was identical to another right next to it in the ai list.
Also one Ai car had 3 different width tyres.

folders you should probably make backups of
**SLRR root**\cars\racers\ROC_cars
**SLRR root**\parts\scripts
**SLRR root**\save\cars

-To install-

unzip folder and drag all folders from that to your **SLRR root** folder where ever that may be. (should be in normal steam location unless you chose to install else where)

Should start a new game.
Old Saves will be corrupt unless you remove and sell all your engines

**Thanks to**
Appendix - for his original idea and scripts
Oxman99 - for his scripts and suggestions
Alex Fitzpatrick - for testing and giving feedback for my sandbox engine mods
Most wanted - for helping me to realize I was doing too much work to rebuild the cars

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Download: 2.3.1 Advanced Engine Tuning Mod v0.4

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Downloaded: 258

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1. tatkins

2017-07-15 18:54

every time i try to tune it or test it. it comes up with something saying try lowering the pressure or somthing like that and i dont know what to do

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