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Author / Submitted by: dber

Turboshaft engine

Turboshaft engine

Turboshaft engine from helicoptor to your car!!
adjustable afterburner for maximum power!
ultimate drift engine!
Now maybe someone can make a batmobile to go with it ;-)
This is VERY beta, but could be upgraded and more parts made if response is good(or a batmobile arrives ;-) )
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Download: Turboshaft engine

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47. nicolascea

2014-11-30 22:01

why can't i used?, i mean it blow up every time that i try to start it


46. TheIronlefty

2014-10-18 13:12

cant download it on firefox

45. FizziSoda

2014-06-28 23:33

Now I can make my beetle a JET BEETLE! HAHAHA!


44. wcfy

2014-02-16 09:16

very hard to drive ...tooooo ...power full...hahha..fun


43. MParbo

2014-01-12 07:24

Is anyone else having problem that even when you allow it to be installed from sllr editor, it still not possible to install this engine separetly or whit kit.


42. shaun.01

2013-10-05 01:04

right guys i know u have heard this alot of times but i have installed the engine mod and can buy engine kit fine but it wont go into any car truck anything downloaded peter built chassis wont go in that i am noob to all of this so can some one please tell me what vehical to use and how to install or what car truck chassis to download to put the engine in thats ithching to play the engine thanks :)

41. KeeJay13

2013-07-26 13:38

Dear Segi
Before you start modding SLRR check out those Fkin tutorials!


40. segi224

2013-07-25 15:24

Sry where


39. segi224

2013-07-25 15:24

Hey wher to put this engine?plss help me fast! *HELP* ;-) Whitch CAR!


38. patuto

2013-03-26 18:17



37. chrisrado

2013-01-21 11:05

i don't know, what car for this engine

36. dber

2013-01-01 18:09

Where to download the Randall Racing suspension and brakes? The engine is Awesome too bad that the colour is too quickly red, yet you can still drive very fast

35. dber

2013-01-01 18:06

( at cars\racers\bora_data\scripts)
error is with bora mod, delete or move it from cars racers folder


34. OG why does nothing work

2013-01-01 05:12

GAH I downloaded but when I try to go into shop or start a new career, my SLRR closes. Any advice? I'm on 2.2.1 LE2MVM
!Package conflict: multiple packages placed at the same location ( at cars\racers\bora_data\scripts)
that's the error code btw

33. dber

2012-11-14 16:20

If the engine is blowing up too quickly, just turn your "difficulty" setting down


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