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Author / Submitted by: Fireful0, MF_FLED

Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT

SPECIAL 2.3.1. COMPATIBLE VERSION: Special thanks to daveh19671 (Version 4.2) http://www.mediafire.com/file/rx1p0zlr9r21x93/moparv8.7z


Thanks for viewing the Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT (BETA) by me, Fireful0!

In case you are wondering, this will replace the original Chrysler V8 Pack files in /yourslrrdirectory/parts/engines
Don't worry, though. All of the old parts by MF_TEAM are still there.

This pack adds new parts to one of the best engine packs for SLRR,
and also allows carburetors and transmissions to be tunable!
Don't expect everything to be perfect, as it is still in beta.

Thanks to the following people for making this pack possible:
MF_FLED (for javas and 3d)
Defiant (for some help and 3d)
Locomanusa (for awesome pictures)
CuPcaKe_Drifting (for some great 3d that was never included)
Burn Rubber (Alpha tester)
Racedriver43 (Alpha tester)
Zeprarex (Alpha tester)
cameronseren (Alpha tester)

Version history:
V4.0 = Main Release
V4.1 = Fix issue with carburetor location on dual quad intake
V4.2 = Fixed crashing problem with people using 2.2.1LE2MWM (Special thanks
to Colorage79 for sending me his game version to fix this problem!)
V4.3 = One more air cleaner added, and 2.3.1. version added to download page. FULL RELEASE. More may be added in the future. Tags: Engine , V8 , Mopar , Muscle , 440 , 426 , Hemi , Ramcharger , Fireful0 , Mod , Workshop , Operationstation , 318 , 340 , 360 , 361 , 383 , Mf_Team , Magnum , Force , Team , Mf_Fled , Fled

Download: Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT

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82. MethaneCNG

2016-12-31 15:05

Will you include some files for the cars from the v3.0 ?

81. Fireful0

2016-12-23 16:53

Hi, MethaneCNG!
As of now, no new parts will be added, or adjusted, due to the fact that I have stepped out of major SLRR modding for now. ;)
As for getting that Challenger to come with it, it requires some java work on the main car java.
Check out this post:

80. MethaneCNG

2016-12-23 05:55

Using BB's version of SLRR , I still get the occasional "multiple package" error , wich I think it's mainyly due to the 1966 Charger. But there are ways to "solve it temporainly".
Also , a few carbs & injection systems can't be set to the best AFR ratio and this hurt performance. Last but not least , the Blueprinted engine is fairly easy to unlock via SLRR editor but it's no big deal.
Firefoul , could you also make pistons to fit the stock conrods ? It would have not necessairly to mean new textures. And another pair of aftermarket heads , to lkwer CR , so superchargers would make a realistic setup (wich they don't on all but the 318).
Aaand , could you make strokers give less of a compression bump ? Maybe with 2 or 3 set of pistons instead of one , or if you want to keep it like this , rescript them to bump the compression from about 10.0:1 to 10.8:1 instead of 13.0:1 or 13.7:1 , so that it would be realistic to use pump gas. Main lack of this pack are injection systems , I think that 90s RAM used the 318 and 360 but fuel injected.
Anyway it's a great pack and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Thanks for the rescript.
Also , do you know where (or how to) can I find the files to make the '70 Challenger come with the Chrysler engine from the factory ?


79. piotrek18

2016-12-11 07:27

Did anyone managed how to make this pack working with 2.3.1? I get error (multiple packages at the same location) whenever I try to get into intake systems... I splitted RPK in resource converter, then used BORAT and linked them again after that - engine blocks etc etc works perfect, just that fckin intake crashes game... Or maybe someone have 2.3.0 RPK working with newest release? That should fix the issue

78. Fireful0

2016-12-11 01:47

Colorage79, it would not have been fixed without your help. B)

77. Colorage79

2016-12-10 02:23

wow thanks for fireful0 to include me but i just help

76. Fireful0

2016-12-10 00:34

Version 4.2 has been released!
It fixes the crashes that people have had on 2.2.1LE2MWM. :)
Special thanks to Colorage79 for sending me his game version so I could fix the issue! :)

75. Colorage79

2016-12-03 01:41


if you want to fix it

try to update the winrar

it works on me


74. Fireful0

2016-12-02 14:18

Colorage79, if you could, that would be awesome! :) If you want, you could PM me with the game. :)

73. Colorage79

2016-12-02 03:53

the same one 221mwm

i try to edit the rpk but it just does more damage

if i somehow send my game to your computer can you narrow down the problem?


72. Fireful0

2016-12-01 23:10

Colorage79, that is a common problem.
I can not seem to narrow down the problem, though. :(
What game version are you using?

71. Colorage79

2016-12-01 06:58

the second time trying to use your mod. the first time is perfectly fine
just about when im trying to install the new transmission it crash on me

with package conflicts

70. Fireful0

2016-11-27 23:02

Thanks, J C!
Hope you enjoy it! :)

69. J C

2016-11-27 17:14

Yes, I had a feeling this would be the issue lol thank you and nice mod :)

68. Fireful0

2016-11-27 10:48

I would try 7Zip to unarchive it. :)
Let me know if it works for you! :)


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