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Author / Submitted by: Fireful0, MF_FLED

Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT

SPECIAL 2.3.1. COMPATIBLE VERSION: Special thanks to daveh19671 (Version 4.2) http://www.mediafire.com/file/rx1p0zlr9r21x93/moparv8.7z


Thanks for viewing the Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT (BETA) by me, Fireful0!

In case you are wondering, this will replace the original Chrysler V8 Pack files in /yourslrrdirectory/parts/engines
Don't worry, though. All of the old parts by MF_TEAM are still there.

This pack adds new parts to one of the best engine packs for SLRR,
and also allows carburetors and transmissions to be tunable!
Don't expect everything to be perfect, as it is still in beta.

Thanks to the following people for making this pack possible:
MF_FLED (for javas and 3d)
Defiant (for some help and 3d)
Locomanusa (for awesome pictures)
CuPcaKe_Drifting (for some great 3d that was never included)
Burn Rubber (Alpha tester)
Racedriver43 (Alpha tester)
Zeprarex (Alpha tester)
cameronseren (Alpha tester)

Version history:
V4.0 = Main Release
V4.1 = Fix issue with carburetor location on dual quad intake
V4.2 = Fixed crashing problem with people using 2.2.1LE2MWM (Special thanks
to Colorage79 for sending me his game version to fix this problem!)
V4.3 = One more air cleaner added, and 2.3.1. version added to download page. FULL RELEASE. More may be added in the future. Tags: Engine , V8 , Mopar , Muscle , 440 , 426 , Hemi , Ramcharger , Fireful0 , Mod , Workshop , Operationstation , 318 , 340 , 360 , 361 , 383 , Mf_Team , Magnum , Force , Team , Mf_Fled , Fled

Download: Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT

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52. Fireful0

2016-09-28 16:03

Also, to see how many PMs you have, check the top right of the website.
It will show how many you have.
Then, just click it to get into your PM mailbox! :D

51. Fireful0

2016-09-28 15:41

jgoose, honestly, I have more mods than I can list here. :))
Do you know how to use PMs on this website?
I can PM you a new java, and you can tell me if it works for you! :)
I won't send it till I get a confirmation that you know how to use PMs, though. ;)

50. jgoose

2016-09-28 14:44

What's curious, the game crash not all the time. If I go direct to the transmission or intake categorie in the shop, it works most time. But if I buy parts in other categories and then go to transmission or intake, the game crash. So, if I save often I think I can play with it.
What car mods (Dodge/Plymouth) do you use with the engines? I think if I use a mod that is not compatible, I get more problems.
And thank's for your fast reply.

49. Fireful0

2016-09-28 07:26

Hey, jgoose!
I honestly have no idea why it is crashing for you.
I have tried the mod on bb93's SLRR and 2.2.1LE2MWM with no problems.
From experience, I know that the package conflict will not result in a crash.
It might be one of the transmission javas.
I will look into it. ;)
I am a huge Mopar guy, too. :D

48. jgoose

2016-09-28 04:05

Hello Fireful0,
I have same problem that johnny have. I have the slrr 2.3.1 steam version, so I convert the super id's that it work. I see the engine parts in catalog and can buy them. But in the intake and transmission section the game crash. Error log says multiple packages. I think I have done somthing wrong on convert the rpk, but I tested it in slrr 2.2.1 MWM (clean installation) and I have the same problem. I tested the Chrysler V8 3.0 and it work with no problem. I hope you have an idea how to fix it, because it is one of the best engine packs (yes I'm a Mopar fan).

47. Fireful0

2016-09-25 06:46

Which SLRR version are you using, johnny?
That might help me figure out the problem. :)


46. johnny301092

2016-09-25 04:33

Hello Fireful0,

sorry for a late answer. I am not really sure which mod in your pack is causing problems, but error_log reports script conflict and I noticed that games crashes in Transmissions or Intakes. It is really a shame since this is one of the most complete and detailed engines I have ever seen.

BR, johnny301092

45. Fireful0

2016-09-21 15:39

@Retroland, personally, I don't know how to do that.
I also though that it was pretty realistic, so I kept it the way it is.
I included the java files in case someone wanted to experiment with them, so try messing with that if you want to try to change it. ;)
Also, thanks for saying it is a nice engine! :)


44. RetroIsland

2016-09-21 07:01

nice engine..but the low end torque is too weak..is there any way i can change this

43. Fireful0

2016-09-02 15:34

Thanks, johnny301092!
Do you know which mod is causing the package conflict?
I know some other people have been having your exact issue, and I would like to narrow down the problem. :)


42. johnny301092

2016-09-02 12:16

Unfortunatelly, package conflicts cause crashing in Transmissions or Intakes.
I was avoiding Chrysler pack since V1.0 because of this and it is still happening.

Anyway, nice remod.

41. Fireful0

2016-09-01 21:10

Stock 2.2.1. or MWM?
I don't know... I have not tried it on that version.
It never hurts to try, though. ;)


40. Nedstark232

2016-09-01 21:01

Does this work on 2.2.1?


39. Nedstark232

2016-09-01 21:01

Does this work on 2.2.1?


38. Nedstark232

2016-09-01 21:01

Does this work on 2.2.1?


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