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Author / Submitted by: Defiant

GM LS7 Engine By Defiant

New and original engine for SLRR, exclusive here on GOM!


-hand made meshes by me
-hand made RPK by me
-forza 4 sounds
-highly detailed models
-correct specs and weights
-many stock and tuning parts
-multiple turbo kits
-multiple supercharger kits
-LOTS of
paintable parts

This engine is NOT an edit of existing crap, it's an all new engine by me.

How to install:

Place GM_LS.rpk and GM_LS [folder] into your SLRR\parts\engines directory.

How to install in cars:

Run SLRR editor, select the car you want and then hit select all and then save. You should know this by now but some people still don't!

Version 1.1 with bug patches has been released and the link has been updated.

Thanks to the GOM-TEAM community for the support, this is my treat to you :D
Also thanks to Local Motors for making their original block publicly available.

Password: GOM-TEAM
Tags: Ls1 , Ls , Gm , Ls7 , Defiant , Lsx , Ls3 , V8

Download: GM LS7 Engine By Defiant

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32. DHR

2017-12-10 09:30


attach 0x000X001E 17
attach 0x000X085E 17

31. DHR

2017-12-09 17:22

oh fuckk man this is insane


30. TWilliams458

2017-12-09 06:15

Could someone please tell me where the engine blocks, crankshafts and transmissions are please.


29. carmodder

2017-12-08 22:09



28. kylelol

2017-12-08 18:44

why cant it just be compatible with 2.30 whats so difficult im tired of finding engines like these but the catch is you need to have the oldest fucking version of the game just to use it


27. Nedstark2345

2017-12-07 03:30

Well great i can't find the engines did i do something wrong?


26. Mr. Subaru expert

2017-12-03 07:53

Drivox, can you not read? it's at the very bottom, right above the download.


25. Drivox

2017-12-03 06:42

extract password?


24. Mr. Subaru expert

2017-12-02 21:04

Thank you Fireful0. you practically just saved my game, and any future versions. Wish there was a tool that did it automatically though, but that's just me being lazy.

23. Defiant

2017-12-02 20:30

Version 1.1 with bug patches has been released and the link has been updated.

22. Fireful0

2017-12-02 10:44

Mr. Subaru expert, THIS ENGINE DOES NOT BREAK SLRR EDITOR. Slrr editor will automatically get the overflow error over time, as it changes the amount of engines in cfg.
Check out this link to fix it:


21. Mr. Subaru expert

2017-12-02 08:14

scratch that. it broke SLRReditor


20. Mr. Subaru expert

2017-12-02 07:53

DAMN! This thing is awesome!


19. kylelol

2017-11-30 22:05

i love it but i dont see the block in the v8 category and idk why

18. Defiant

2017-11-30 18:13

Thanks :)


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