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Author / Submitted by: FLED

GM V8 Full Pack

includes corvette 427, 63 corvette motor, and a 500

Very good engines and very cool parts especially the twin turbo kit Tags: No tags

Download: GM V8 Full Pack

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53. pimpa9312

2016-01-18 20:14

Missing radiator ):


52. V8_Junkie

2015-07-25 08:02

I cant use the Supercharger because i don´t have any supercharger drivebelt
pls help

51. omega123

2015-06-19 12:58

does it work on 2.3.0LE?


50. Hannouch2

2015-04-25 23:20

There is no pulley or timing equipment if there is tell me where it is in what category

49. KeeJay13

2014-03-23 11:44

Another n00b, that can't find anything on his own. Here


48. mrmxjzptlk

2014-03-23 11:04

Honestly, this is one of my favourite engine packs. There's still something I don't understand...

Some engine turn-keys are not compatible with cars, and even don't show up in the SLRR editor... Has somebody ever fixed this issue?

For example, the '68 corvette engine only fits in my C3, and in my Impala.

Myself I'm not quite into programming but I'd LUV to actually put a '63 corvette engine in my C2 for example.... and into my VW Golf as well.

47. outlawbiker2013

2013-10-06 13:13

yeah the link sucks.. it said i had to sighn up for free & toss in pass coads... ugggg
can you get all the parts together & t from mediafire or sumthing beter.. please *HELP*

46. outlawbiker2013

2013-10-03 04:52

the link is weird.. isn't giving me the file?? can you upload from a beta site

45. oxman99

2013-07-29 23:26

Should be able too if its dictated in slrr editor - though you're not missing much that engine isnt the most compatible in the GM pack, its got alot of unique parts, I dont think you can even swap out the heads on it if I remember right

44. nikku740

2013-07-29 15:58

Why can not I drop 63 corvette engine even when I've used slrr editor


2013-07-17 14:52

if you have le2mvm or mvm radiator and other problems copy engine folder and rpk like normal and then copy the rpk from 230le folder and then dowload fix that is comment copy that and parts will magicly appear in performance catalog.i have 500+ cui engine tweaked to 1600 hp.have fun if this helped.


42. GMC

2013-07-12 12:22

good nice


41. Дигинират

2013-07-03 15:35

Fucking done normally in the exhaust system will fly to ERRORE NOT WHAT! CAN NOT PROLESTNUT and fly! ]:-> ]:-> :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :somuchwin


40. Дигинират

2013-07-03 15:33


39. oxman99

2013-06-15 20:20

Yea thats one way, though you may only get the stock type radiators, but yea in MWM stage 1 download they appear in the air intake catagory


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