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Author / Submitted by: Defiant

Honda K Series Engine

Honda K Series (K20 & K24) for SLRR by Defiant

This mod is based on the original K series by blast, so BIG thanks to blast for giving me his max sources and java sources which allowed me to make this mod possible.

Also another big thanks to Harrison15 for the engine specifications.


This mod has been 100% reworked. MOST meshes and textures are new! Very few were reused but even those had been edited heavily.

-2 turbo kits and one non-intercooled option
-Supercharger kit with reworked parts
-SEVERAL different exhaust options
-SEVERAL different intake options including ITBs and ram scoops for drag racing
-New transmissions
-New engine internals
-Multiple fuel rails
-New clutch and flywheel
-Reworked valve covers with custom carbon and decaled options
-The spark plug covers are detachable and include custom options
-Oil catch cans and PCV filters
+MANY more parts that I don't feel like writing

I have included only 9 engine kits, there are enough parts to easily make more than 15 but don't be lazy and build the engine yourself :P

Each part affects performance and has many detachable options.


Put "SeriesKhonda" folder and "SeriesKhonda.rpk" into parts/engines

Put the "Sounds" in your main SLRR folder.

That's it! Enjoy and have fun.

blast for the original K series files
Harrison15 for the specifications
Gorgoil for the sounds

**ONLY TESTED on 2.2.1** Tags: Defiant , Engine , Honda , K Series , K20 , K24 , Turbo

Download: Honda K Series Engine

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27. Rodmann112312

2017-03-10 21:24

I like the engine. its the sounds i hate. can someone make new sounds for this engine??

26. t.mendes

2017-02-28 14:01

my game crash when put the block engine in the engine bay.(mwm 2.2.1)

25. Fireful0

2016-10-25 15:42


Put "SeriesKhonda" folder and "SeriesKhonda.rpk" into parts/engines

Put the "Sounds" in your main SLRR folder.


24. JoshBorg2

2016-10-25 02:44

The sound does not work and what does it mean by adding it to main slrr folder, as in putting in sound?


23. natashas

2016-08-26 01:07

so I am playin on the steam version of the game. I can see the kits but nothing else will show up in the catolog for me to build the engine.


22. dyllenger

2016-07-30 17:37

so is there a fix for the no alternator yet or..


21. JDM-R

2016-06-28 01:31

Has an annoying add that doesnt lead to a dl link

20. Zeprarex

2016-04-26 17:05

always sounds like its topping out :d

19. David_2709

2016-04-26 09:27

I don't know if the torque of the engine is too high but the brakes are almost non existent. When I brake fully my back brakes block because of no ABS but the front tires are still pushing with a huge force

18. diago226

2016-04-24 19:04

no sound??? i added the sound files

17. dG.Cyanide

2016-04-20 02:26

No worries. The engine works if you buy an engine kit for the K20, but if you build the K20 from the block up, it fails to start.

16. Defiant

2016-04-19 13:16

I'm looking into the problems guys, I just need to find time to do it.

15. dG.Cyanide

2016-04-18 00:01

So I found out that the alternator bug only happens with the K20 block. I tried the race block and it worked fine.


14. darjojo

2016-04-17 09:30

its had problem with slreditor and in game . engine is complete but game still saying missing alternator, also to much compression on drag setup pack
and its unavailible to turn on

13. dG.Cyanide

2016-04-15 03:55

Defiant please fix this as soon as you can, also if you can try and fix the issue with SLRR Editor that would be great. Cheers.


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