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Author / Submitted by: Bigg Boss93

I4 Transmission on I6/V6/V8

Here's the faktun group transmission installed on I6/V6/V8

Download I4 transmission on I6/V6/V8 complete pack Tags: No tags

11. mr1

2012-10-21 12:42

Does anyone know where to get the v16 engine from I know the callaway cadilac bugutti one but i dont know the on in the pic, thanks for your time, and great mod for a begginer *THUMBS UP*


10. tolga1308061

2012-10-10 20:25


9. Bigg Boss93

2012-10-02 01:44

no, it always lags, be patient with it and with me is one of my first mods ;)

8. J C

2012-10-01 23:59

Does It Lag If U Don't Have A Good System?

7. Bigg Boss93

2012-02-20 18:19


6. Camarofan

2011-08-28 01:03

errors! why!

5. V6 Men

2011-07-19 00:23

tenho de ver primeiro


2011-06-12 22:00

@ dicio_cross It ables FWD and AWD for engines that only allows RWD mostly exept the v6

3. dicio_cross

2011-06-12 21:48

what is the function of this???

2. bradz255

2011-06-09 06:00

No offence but why?


2011-06-08 21:28

I´m getting package conflict all the time with the transmission that is a great idea i like with using FWD on engines that normaly has RWD. Would you remove the conflict problem? :)

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