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Author / Submitted by: Various Authors/mindedrift

JDM Engine pack

Engine pack with fixed catalogs and new sounds

Nissan RB26DETT, Author: Oxman99/Timek9 DOWNLOAD

Fixed fuel rails can't be put on stage 4 intake manifold

This includes performance parts for the RB26 created by Timek9. All parts use original models and textures but are re scripted to add a performance aspect. Pack includes stock motor and 4 stages of power up to near 1200hp. This pack does not include the SR20, it has been removed completely. This is version 1.0 and does not include twin turbo parts upgrades, those will be added later, among other minor parts. No Sources are included. No extra kits were added, so you'll have to put the parts together yourself, but most are labeled "stage 1, stage 2" etc, along with added details in the descriptions. All parts are an attempt to be accurate with an actual product.
Credit to Timek9 for creating all the original models, textures, meshes, java's and the original nissan engine pack. I simply added scripts and created performance parts.

Any errors or typos or suggestions( twin turbo ideas) please pm me.

Timek9 holds no responsibility at the fault of errors with this product.
I've converted rpk to MWM, fixed some stuff and included original sources.

Whats new:
-New sounds inside the mod, no need to download stuff + BOV sounds(also credits to Harrison15 for his turbo identification script)
-Catalog fixes
-Removed useless sounds

If you find any bugs, report to me via pm.

Mazda 13B Rotary, Author: MisterSir/Harrison15 Download

Complete rescript for MisterSir's Mazda 13B Rotary.
All meshes and textures, plus original RPK, by MisterSir. New scripts, sounds, and RPK edits by Harrison15.

Partial Change List:
Completely new Java sources. The engine is now scripted to behave more like an actual rotary, as much as the game will allow. For example, the engine bolts no longer act as a camshaft bearing bridge, the spark plugs are no longer used for camshaft tuning, and all of the in-game messages about missing parts are now more accurate (e.g. "the engine is missing the rotors").
The engine is now scripted to behave in-game as a 2.6L inline-four, which is more accurate, as per Wikipedia's explanation of the calculations regarding displacement of a rotary. Bore and stroke are computed to exactly match the per-cylinder displacement of the real 13B.
New sounds from NFS Shift, with turbo and supercharger sounds from GTR2 and NFS Most Wanted.
More performance parts, including different rotor housings with different levels of porting (stock, bridge-port, peripheral port), two transmissions, and two different single turbo kits. (No new meshes, just new scripts.)
Transmission now has its own click mesh, and no longer requires the RWD driveshaft to run.
Hydrogen fuel rail now uses methanol and is not adjustable. (I couldn't figure out what to do with this.) Therefore, this no longer needs a custom fuel rail script.

The engine is now capable of power levels between 200HP (low end, N/A, no upgrades) and 700HP (fully built, large single turbo). It takes some work to get it to those power levels, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
I've added better engine sound samples and repiched them, sounds much better now :)
MWM and LE .rpks are included


Toyota 4A-GE, Author: JDW & J-Performance Download

Engine ripped from here: Link
Converted to MWM and fixed sounds.
Includes rescripted engine block java.

Toyota 2JZ-GTE, Author: Street[xx], BossF Download

Same old 2JZ-GTE with fixed catalog placements and new engine sounds(includes BOV)
Recreated engine block java with the same specifications and turbo recognition script(credits to Harrison15 for the script) Tags: No tags


14. tj21003

2017-06-18 12:44

or that person dont know how to move each file to the right folder

13. bitelaserkhalif

2017-03-19 01:38

I can't see the engines except the rotary. When I enter the catalog, I can see only the mazda engine at inline 4. And the other added engines don't appear in the catalog. Please help...

Apparently, you are using 2.3.0LE. The mods are for 2.2.1 MWM, hence some catalog is gone. So use 2.2.1 with LE2MWM.

12. t.mendes

2017-03-10 19:53

For the RB26 to be perfect just missing a radiator and a differential.


11. dRabbit

2017-03-10 11:56

I can't see the engines except the rotary. When I enter the catalog, I can see only the mazda engine at inline 4. And the other added engines don't appear in the catalog. Please help...

10. StreetKeningston

2016-08-25 12:05

Very Good!


9. thejust4s

2015-12-30 12:20

help. when i build rb26 i can only use stock block because when i use different the car will not start when i try to drive it on track on in garage

8. Defiant

2015-01-16 21:42

Very nice update, don't know why I haven't seen this before.

7. Gaterr

2015-01-11 18:55

Man, the 2JZ-GTE kick the shit! Very nice!! Also other engines are good, and working on my 230LE.
Wish you all the best! Thanks!

6. Wittrock1991

2014-11-12 12:32

Cool. Gonna try it out now. Thanks a lot! :)

5. mindedrift

2014-11-12 06:57


4. mindedrift

2014-11-12 05:29


3. Wittrock1991

2014-11-12 02:29

Could someone fix the missing Fuel Rail for Stage 4 RB26 Engine? It's a lovely engine, and a shame it can't have a drink :P


2. kuwu

2014-11-10 15:39

nice mod !!:D
but RB26 stage 4 engine i cant use the fuel :(


1. ozal

2014-11-08 10:08

great guys thanks!

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