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Author / Submitted by: Backa


I4 engine

Found this engine, no readme.
Author: Backa

It's for 2.3.0

Mirror - http://depositfiles.com/files/7ow41nux1 Tags: No tags

Download: KA24DET

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43. kidwiz5424

2015-07-11 18:52

i can not find clutch nor fly wheel plaese help

42. ---GIZMO---

2015-03-14 07:03

pls make it in 2.2.1 le XD


41. tocco1316

2014-03-06 23:21

i have a ka-t in my s13 runs 10lbs daily driven no problems


40. omixso

2013-11-25 11:06


39. BrentPhil

2013-05-11 06:48

No Clutch :((

38. Christopher Jason

2011-02-22 06:34


37. planbxgoon

2011-02-21 22:31

i downloaded this mod and its on my game but not installable to any car


36. kukk

2010-12-30 04:25

how download this engine

wtf ``_-_-


35. julkku567

2010-12-17 12:01

theres a suspicious part in the engine... :O


2010-10-28 14:45


33. PXRZ

2010-10-13 08:48

By some reason this engine gives error about scripts and meshes and other stuffz. Do you know how to fix? o.O

32. benjaboi

2010-08-30 16:10

i couldnt find the clutch either, but if you have the mega i4, there will be a i4 clutch that will fit

31. benjaboi

2010-08-15 12:13

hmm nice but the pink air filter and silicone hoses killed it LOL im oj bro nice engine! fits nice in the 240SX


30. TheBrownGuy

2010-06-12 15:54

lol ur ewonder if it works with le2mwm

29. assad2k10

2010-06-02 15:51

and sorry if you dont understand what i just wrote because i dont speak english, i fing it hard to make everything make sence for everyone


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