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Author / Submitted by: MisterSir

Mazda Rotary 13B-REW


Bug fixes and changes from beta 1.0.3:
-sounds are fixed, now the engine actually uses the sounds that come with it

Installation:The rpk is recoded for 2.21 MWM so dont put it on 2.30LE(using Winrar)
-the Mazda_Rotary_13B folder and Mazda_Rotary_13B.rpk file should be extracted under SLRR-parts-engines
-the AirFuelDeliverySystem.class should replace the existing one in SLRR-parts-scripts-enginepart
-the FuelInjectorSystem.class should replace the existing one in SLRR-parts-scripts-enginepart-airfueldeliverysystem

Use notes:
-when built the engine has a moderate performance unlike the alpha version where when you built it, it already gave its max performance.
-the building order is more or less the same here it is incase people still struggle with it:
1. block
2. crankshaft
3. engine lid
4. rotors
5. engine drive system
6. rotor housings
7. front spark plugs
8. rear spark plugs
9. engine bolts
10. radiator
from here on its the usual logic, steps 9 and 10 are what ppl have problems with, reason for it is the bolts=camshaft bearing bridge, and radiator=cylinder head cover. so make sure u get it right. Also when your using the turbo set up and the intercooler, the intercooler_out pipe attaches to the performance intake manifold ONLY, so dont try to have a performance engine with stock intake manifold, or u'll end up missing a pipe. The engine will still work but it will look stupid. To use the transmission in a RWD application you need the driveshaft or the engine will complain that you dont have it.

- there are 3 additional performance parts(a performance block, a performance crankshaft, and performance rotors)
- Prototype Hydrogen Fuel which is a bit better than diesel oil, you'll see for your self when you try it out.
- sequential turbo set up with a range of 0.25bar-1.5bar and operating range of 900RPM-12000RPM(hence the smooth dyno curve)
- performance ranging from 225hp at 9000RPM and 140ft-lbs at 4250RPM to somewhere in the 700hp-800hp and 300ft-lbs-400ft-lbs range
- the turbonetics turbo has operating range 900-12000RPM and 0.25bar-3.50bar, resulting in huge power boosts, however a price comes with it, the redline of the engine goes down, so adjust it accordingly so it doesnt explode. I think the max you can get out of the engine is around 1200hp with all the little tweaks and changes, so feel free to explorer.
- roots type supercharger set up, about 1200hp max performance and 400ft-lbs at realy high RPM, ideal for drifting, as well as drag, with proper set up 7.00sec for 1/4 mile is doable.

Bugs and issues(these are realy minor things that ill fix later on):
- most of the parts are missing their description
- some of the parts have unrealistic prices
- the physics mesh of the transmission is the driveshaft mesh so aim at the drive shaft, its a bit tricky but doable(this is a temporary fix because the game doesnt like my transmission mesh as a physics mesh)



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Download: Mazda Rotary 13B-REW

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98. rakdewna

2017-05-20 00:35



97. pramot2009

2017-05-06 14:25



96. vpr

2017-01-27 21:58

How do I get the air fuel ratio to work, I've tried everything, but nothing works.


95. slrrthai

2015-05-17 07:19



94. slrrthai

2015-05-17 07:18

:) :) :) :)


93. taweechai1758

2015-01-27 13:43



92. Simon.k18

2014-12-02 01:42

How do i get the engine in-game?


91. Lachyb10

2013-07-24 06:28

Hey I've downloaded this mod and I've installed it all is good but when I won't to test it or drive it it wilL turn on but not drive with other engine mod or the original engines they still run but the rotary has a little circle with a line in the middle what is this? And I've pressed every button on my laptop and I won't go away.

90. alexpank

2013-05-13 13:41

I Dont understand, Now it works :-)

89. alexpank

2013-05-13 12:33

Dont Work, MIsing head cower *SCRATCH*


88. The1Hairy

2013-04-09 19:54

Hello MisterSir! love this engine. does it come in a kit?


87. tobiasn

2013-02-24 23:53

Someone who can upload a working RPk to 2.3.0. I downloaded the one in the comment and works in game, but when im going to test the engine, it says no cylinder head cover insalled. Hope any can help!


86. IV79

2013-02-09 20:56

game crashes when going into fuel delivery please help


85. Area_49

2012-12-22 00:04

Put a mirror please, crocko does not work. -.-


84. m.bononi

2012-12-14 20:51

I'm trying to download it on crock, but I can't..!!
please, i need another link..!!! *HELP*


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