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Author / Submitted by: Oxman99/Timek9

Nissan Mod Pack v1.0

Performance Parts for Timek9's RB26

Nissan Mod Pack v1.0

This includes performance parts for the RB26 created by Timek9. All parts use original models and textures but are re scripted to add a performance aspect. Pack includes stock motor and 4 stages of power up to near 1200hp. This pack does not include the SR20, it has been removed completely. This is version 1.0 and does not include twin turbo parts upgrades, those will be added later, among other minor parts. No Sources are included. No extra kits were added, so you'll have to put the parts together yourself, but most are labeled "stage 1, stage 2" etc, along with added details in the descriptions. All parts are an attempt to be accurate with an actual product.

Credit to Timek9 for creating all the original models, textures, meshes, java's and the original nissan engine pack. I simply added scripts and created performance parts.

Any errors or typos or suggestions( twin turbo ideas) please pm me.

Timek9 holds no responsibility at the fault of errors with this product.

2.2.1 RPK - rename to nissan_engine_pack: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6621wuf8w6fii09/nissan_engine_pack_221.rpk Tags: No tags

Download: Nissan Mod Pack v1.0

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53. GTR51

2016-08-25 06:56

What cars does this engine support?

52. MSanti98

2015-05-23 17:25

Hey, I receive this error with the 2.2.1 RPK
Unregistrable node: parts\engines\nissan_engine_pack.rpk:00000059 (invalid parent parts.rpk:0000B25F)

51. PXRZ

2015-05-14 18:43

Nice that you gave this page an update with a .rpk for mwm.

50. oxman99

2015-02-18 19:17

2.2.1 RPK Link added:

Rename to nissan_engine_pack


49. TheOne10118

2014-05-01 19:43

does this work for 2.2.1 ?

u need LE2MWM

48. TheOne10118

2014-04-12 19:19

with the stage 4 block the engine wont start any ideal y?

increase the idle rpm


47. tearsofnine

2013-07-17 04:58



46. tearsofnine

2013-07-17 04:57



45. tearsofnine

2013-07-17 04:56



44. Iacoskyline

2013-06-14 19:20

@oxman99 oh yes i put the stage 4 now thanks thanks thanks oxman99 you are the best :DDDDDDDDDDDD

43. oxman99

2013-06-14 16:20

@lacoskyline - You need to use SLRR Editor to apply it to vehichles. Make sure you apply block, block1, block2, block3, and block4 to to your car in the editor.


42. Iacoskyline

2013-06-14 13:02

@oxman99, sorry but I meant that I can't put the engine block stage 4 on my skyline

41. oxman99

2013-06-10 21:43

@ locaskyline, its not a bug, simply adjust the idle and redline RPM's and it will start and run.


40. Iacoskyline

2013-06-09 19:13

the stage 4 engine block it doesnt work please fix this bug i really want this engine


39. lachy98

2013-01-10 02:25

does any one kno where i can find a exhaust pipe for nissan r 34 and r33


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