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Author / Submitted by: MisterSir and Harrison15

Rescripted 13B Rotary

Complete revamp for MisterSir's 13B Rotary

Complete rescript for MisterSir's Mazda 13B Rotary.

All meshes and textures, plus original RPK, by MisterSir. New scripts, sounds, and RPK edits by Harrison15.

Partial Change List:
  • Completely new Java sources. The engine is now scripted to behave more like an actual rotary, as much as the game will allow. For example, the engine bolts no longer act as a camshaft bearing bridge, the spark plugs are no longer used for camshaft tuning, and all of the in-game messages about missing parts are now more accurate (e.g. "the engine is missing the rotors").
  • The engine is now scripted to behave in-game as a 2.6L inline-four, which is more accurate, as per Wikipedia's explanation of the calculations regarding displacement of a rotary. Bore and stroke are computed to exactly match the per-cylinder displacement of the real 13B.
  • New sounds from NFS Shift, with turbo and supercharger sounds from GTR2 and NFS Most Wanted.
  • More performance parts, including different rotor housings with different levels of porting (stock, bridge-port, peripheral port), two transmissions, and two different single turbo kits. (No new meshes, just new scripts.)
  • Transmission now has its own click mesh, and no longer requires the RWD driveshaft to run.
  • Hydrogen fuel rail now uses methanol and is not adjustable. (I couldn't figure out what to do with this.) Therefore, this no longer needs a custom fuel rail script.

The engine is now capable of power levels between 200HP (low end, N/A, no upgrades) and 700HP (fully built, large single turbo). It takes some work to get it to those power levels, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

RPK FOR VERSION MWM: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lhj97z6u1h7uxtw
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Download: Rescripted 13B Rotary

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29. HAROS0

2016-12-26 07:59

i have some issues with the sounds


28. Kyaoru

2015-12-31 13:50

I've gotten this engine to 1000 hp, no problem.


27. slrrthai

2015-10-13 03:26



26. SLrrIsThEBeSt

2015-07-14 06:40

gonna download the r x 7 :D


25. mato jano

2015-06-22 13:24

To what regards the car engine

24. Gustav3119

2013-10-28 13:17

Nice work dude!


23. seattlestance

2013-08-07 12:03

i installed the original then put this in, edited the motor to fit in all cars i chose. but it wont fit in anything even after using slrr editor. i cant remember what i did last time to make it work. help??

22. MisterSir

2013-07-24 21:32

As for the custom fuel for it, it was designed to mimic the hydrogen fuel that the newer generation rotaries were supose to use. It gave a bit better power and generated a smoother power curve.

21. MisterSir

2013-07-24 21:30

I haven't actually tried this, but its good to see that ppl are building on my work. Good job Harrison15.

20. RedCarDriver

2013-07-10 17:32

@ bama_si: That must be a problem with the 2JZ, not the 13B. I am guessing that either the parts are conflicting with another mod still, or a problem with the parts not being listed in the RPK. Which 2JZ is this?


19. bama_si

2013-07-10 07:56

I downloaded this and it worked perfectly but there is one pretty funky problem.
It completely removed some of my 2jz parts. I can't even finish building my 2jz engine now because there are a ton of missing part. But when I look in the scripts for the engine all of the parts are there. I am pretty confused at this point. Even removing the 13b engine doesn't bring the 2jz parts back....


2013-05-27 01:06

RPK works thanks Harrison.

17. RedCarDriver

2013-05-26 21:37

(The above update does not fix the turbo BOV sound. I don't know what the problem is with that, because I can hear it fine.)

16. RedCarDriver

2013-05-26 18:46

I've fixed that one bad SuperID in the one place I found it.

New MWM RPK is available for stand-alone download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lhj97z6u1h7uxtw

The download for the whole engine has also been updated. Tell me if you still have problems.

15. sam339

2013-05-26 16:16

got the same problem..


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