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New audio


http://www.4shared.com/file/kqRMeNAI/New_Audio.html Tags: No tags


19. jpeck69

2016-07-26 19:13

link works fine for me


18. Foopinator

2016-02-16 18:49

well i don't know what ya'll are using but for me it's fine B) ... just downloaded via Chrome if that may help...


17. santeri

2016-01-04 05:41

link is fuckin` dead X-(

16. Foxi D`elegance

2014-03-24 21:45


2013-11-17 19:30

link dead



2013-02-13 08:27

link no longer works


13. james888

2012-10-31 20:05

They r nice spekers. I donwloded theme. 2 things i need too know. Do they work with 2.3.0le?
If so where do i put theme at?


12. tolga1308061

2012-10-11 15:07


11. J C

2012-03-18 10:07

One More Thing how do u Make These Compatible with car mods!!!!!!! PPPPLLLllZZZZZZZZZ HELP!!!

10. J C

2012-03-09 09:22

Listen Up If U cant Find neons And U Have 2.2.1 slrr Then U Have To Install MWM Mod On To It Go To Patches And Find MWM To Download It Here At streetlegalmods.com !!!! :)


9. FJ

2012-02-26 21:26

i need boxes i got audio but no boxes to put them lol


8. karolk12

2012-02-16 23:26

where do i put this mod plz help?

7. 199x

2012-01-25 20:49

i cant find it in my slr... lol... hmhmhmhm

6. TeamHeavyHitters13

2011-12-27 22:24

nice mod, the only problem i have is the hole in the back of the boxes =P
if i could get the 3d files i could probably fix them (and possibly make them paintable) *THUMBS UP*
if someone can send the 3d files im gonna need the textures for them too xD


5. streetlegal1986

2011-12-23 13:34

would be cool if someone made that Square mtx jackhammer 24" or the 21 jackhammer ;)


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