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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Interior Parts \ Momo Steering Wheels

Author / Submitted by: CJ/NFS

Momo Steering Wheels

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Download: Momo Steering Wheels

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13. Speeder832

2014-10-21 07:33

well i was looking for new steering wheels and these looked good but i cant download them... please upload to mediafire or this upload is useless...

12. zachisbeter

2014-03-16 15:51

re upload to Mediafire plz?


11. juniorpeera

2013-04-19 15:46



10. tolga1308061

2012-10-11 14:06


9. Christopher Jason

2011-07-12 19:13

cause i like easyshare better


8. Quarazhi

2011-07-12 19:11

Seriously i hate easy-share plz mediafire.... and btw not asking for some hater comment or something like then stop downloading our mods just answer me why arent u using mediafire ?

7. diegorborges

2009-11-09 07:43

Yeah... btw CJ, I did some others too... I did 4 models of wheels...

6. JAG

2009-11-08 14:34

She stole Angelina Jolie's lips! :O


5. robban_9000

2009-11-08 11:18

OMOM lol..

4. Christopher Jason

2009-11-08 10:26

Damn it xD!! i for got to mirror them

3. JAG

2009-11-08 10:23

Yeah, I just checked em out. BTW, the part names may say MOMO, but on the steering wheels themselves I see "OMOM"! :lol

2. Christopher Jason

2009-11-08 10:17

only the Prototipo then other ones these are Different

1. JAG

2009-11-08 10:10

Not bad, but didn't Diego already do most of these?

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