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Author / Submitted by: Krimzon

2.3.1 Real Dyno and N20

A Modified Port of Gorgoil's Mod to work in 2.3.1 with some additions and changes.

Heavily based on Gorgoils Dyno/n2o mod.
ported gorgoils code and adapted to include Raxat's changes to 2.3.1 while still keeping gorgoils hp and torque math.

Things I've added or changed from Gorgoils:

Keeps general info page
added Lbs/hp and Lbs/Nm
Added a page for engine info separate from dyno.
Keeps Parts list/financial page and test track times/race history page.

New art for dyno page heavily based off Defiants image but with my own personal changes.(Hope you like it)

Added Lbs/Min to nitrous tuning menu as seen above.

Currently the dyno scales based on where you set the redline but I've also included commented code in the java to enable a more realistic static end RPM on the dyno e.g. if you want to have dyno max the graph at 12000 (example) that can be set by uncommenting the lines I've marked and commenting out my lines also playing with one number but it should be easy enough for anyone who can read.

No longer crashes on entering trade dealer if you have "Fast Launch & Main Menu + Cheat Fix for 2.3.1" and "Dark/Glass Theme for 2.3.1" not sure which was causing it or how I fixed it but it's tested and working fine now.

If you do use the "Dark/Glass Theme for 2.3.1" make sure to install it before installing this mod as the dark theme will overwrite the images I use if installed backwards.


known issue: does not really affect gameplay,more annoying if you really care about the maths, but the displayed value for Hp/Liter is wrong if you calculate by hand (check with calculator) the math is right in script but it still shows different then what it should be.
this happens with base game too so I'm not sure how to fix it other than fudging an adjustment in displacement calc's to match the hp/liter. so I left it alone.

Many Thanks to Gorgoil,Defiant, TFK and Silva92 for the original Mod (Found Here)and again to Gorgoil for letting me port it and for helping with errors.

Gorgoil- Released original mod
Defiant - Dyno graph image and beta testing on original
TKF - Beta testing on original
Silva92 - Beta testing on original
Krimzon - Porting to 2.3.1 Tags: No tags

Download: 2.3.1 Real Dyno and N20

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3. gorgoil

2017-07-03 10:01

in mine Ive done cc and cui

2. Krimzon

2017-07-02 09:03

I just noticed for some reason displacement has cui where it should have cc. Also I have an extra layer in the car info img that didn't get muted when I rendered so I'll fix these in an update when I get a chance.

1. Mostwanted

2017-06-25 10:26

lol you beat me to it also nice mod downloading now :)

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