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Author / Submitted by: apendix

some cool scripts I've made

works ONLY in v2.2.1 vanilla


- works only in v2.2.1 (replaces sl/scripts/game files)
Some cool game scripts I made a long time ago for those who still love to mess around
with v2.2.1 or vanilla how some of you call it. I've dropped SLRR for a while so here
have fun with these and feel free to mod them as much as you want.
I'll try to list the stuff down:

Cheats that work in career:

kickassreddevil - teleports you to the 3rd clubs' 5th place.
begformoney - $100 000
letmeroc - ROC

Cheats that work if you are the king (career):

[all the car cheats from 2.3.0le except for prime. That one you've got to earn]
ilikecheating - activates the hotkeys in career mode.

Hotkeys (these work in single car mode):

R - repair.
G - reload nos.
I - idle.
B - quick brake.
W - slow motion on/off.
E - some stupid camera on/off.
F - reset.
6,7,8,9,0 - save your position.
1,2,3,4,5 - load your position.
Q - load camera.
O - show/hide OSD.
P - freeze time.
TAB - hotkeys on/off.

Another neat thing I've done is that you can now pick a quick race against your PC with
a car that you've made. And also make one for your comp. Just save them as QR_car for
you and QR_opponent for the PC and select quick race. Damn fun if you've done right!

You can do this for the opponents in career too (day time AND night time). I've made three
quick programs in free pascal that ease the creation of those cars (slow as f*$k but works):

raceMaker_All - Launch raceMaker_All.bat. It will start the game and the program.
Make whatever car you wish to test at day or night time and save
it either as 'DR_car' [for day time] or 'NR_car' [for night time].
As soon as you've saved it the program will grab the save and make
all the opponents the exact same car. Just go to the career and
race it to see how well you made it.

raceMaker_DR - This one grabs the specific car that you've saved and simply
relocates it to the directory from where the game generates your
opponents for day time. I have listed the names of the cars that
you have to save a bit lower. Launch raceMaker_DR.bat to get it

raceMaker_NR - Does the exact same thing as raceMaker_DR only for the night time

So game will generate your opponents from different files depending on your ranking.
There are 3 levels of ranking. At the first level If you choose to race against for example
MC GT the game will make your opponent from file MC_GT_1. So this is what you have to save it
as to make the lowest ranking MC GT opponent. The next level - MC_GT_2 and the gighest level
MC_GT_3. So just run the raceMaker_DR.bat or raceMaker_NR.bat and save your MC as MC_GT_1,
MC_GT_2 or MC_GT_3 depending on how fast it is!!

The names for other cars without the '_1', '_2' or '_3':

CS_25 coupeSport 2.5
DS devilSport
GT_III obvious
SS_15 duhen sunstrip 1.5
SS_18 1.8
SS_20 2.0
SS_22 2.2
110_GT einvagen 110 GT
110_GTK -//-
140_GTA -//-
EN_SGT emer nonus street GT
EMN_GT2 emer motorsport nonus GT2
IE_WRY ishima enula WRY
IE_WRST WR superturizmo
SD_500 superduty 500
SD_750 -//-
MC_GT_B B series
MC_GTLE limited edition
RC_200 shimutshibu focer RC 200
RC_300 -//-
WRC focer WRC

this should be all if I've forgotten some please let me know.


At night races untill you are in at least 10th or 9th position your opponents will not be
generated from your files. They will be made up just like originally the game does it. So
rank 1 starts from 10th place @ 1st club (green slip) [MC_GT_1]
rank 2 starts from 10th place @ 2nd club (blue cheetah) [MC_GT_2]
rank 3 starts from 10th place @ 3rd club (red flame) [MC_GT_3]
or at least thats what I remember it to be like. Who knows just see for yourself.

Then there is a mod that I started to make but was cornered with it. Just grab some random .spl
files, rename them to 'raceBotRoute1.spl', 'raceBotRoute2.spl' and 'raceBotRoute3.spl' and place them
in the 'addon' folder. Go in game and type a cheat racebotson. There should be a buch of cars on the
city highway that unfortunatelly wont move correctly due to me not beeing able to create proper .spl
files for them. If you are interested in this see what you can work out. My original idea was to make
a sort of NASCAR race around the city with 10 different cars. You can create those racebots by saving cars
as 'raceCar1', 'raceCar2' etc. Turn them off by typing racebotsoff.

So here you go. Just thought these might be some fun to some who still love v2.2.1. I've included
all the javas so mod it as much as you want or need. And if some bugs keep bugging you just PM me
and I'll see where I've screwed up. Post some comments so that I know what you think and ask me if
something was not clear about how all of this works.
Cheers, apendix.

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