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Movable N2O

Just extract into \parts\scripts\enginepart\src\

Tested on 2.2.1 LE2MWM

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Download: Movable N2O

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12. THWolf32

2016-07-15 03:00

Really need help Getting this...... (2.2.1 MWM) I Put it in Parts>scripts>engineparts>SRC.. Just Crashes my Game....

11. PXRZ

2015-02-14 14:28

Try make a bottle with this scripts so you don´t need to worry about changing already existing stuff. That would be awesome though.

@Harrison15 Guess why I don´t like adjustability scripts that much, such as those found on wheel packs too. Totally agree on what you just wrote here.

10. gsl77

2015-02-13 19:52

dyllenger \parts\scripts\enginepart\SRC


9. Jean_13

2014-12-16 12:25

Thank you , guys. You are the best !
Is working perfectly....


8. dyllenger

2014-10-26 20:38

==UPDATE== it works but if you have nos in your cars it will crash / rune your saves so take them out before installing im going to upload the file (https://www.mediafire.com/?vai232h1aii92ew) and if u don't want it up tell me an I can remove it


7. dyllenger

2014-10-26 20:16

I have it but I don't know where to put it , tell me where to put it an if it works I will upload ? deal


6. Jean_13

2014-10-12 18:16

Heyy... can anyone help me? I need those scripts...


5. Jean_13

2014-09-09 20:42

New link, please! :D

4. redline_racer

2012-06-23 15:09

its here, by robban 9000

also, nice mod

3. TeamHeavyHitters13

2012-06-06 22:49

i want that camaro! can anyone tell me if its on here and where?

2. RedCarDriver

2012-05-05 22:54

I always just fix the N2O bottles manually - any time I add an adjustable parts script it would ruin my saved cars.

That said, this is still a cool mod.


2012-05-05 22:21


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