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Author / Submitted by: Jaziba

A Bunch of unfinished stuff

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A Bunch of unfinished stuff including a couple cars and rims and mufflers.
*NOTE: SOME MODS may crash your SLR on some mods, use with caution and im not responsible for any lost data.

i cannot guarantee that all will work, as they arent finished and to be honest i cant be arsed to finish them anymore, but ill release them anyways so im rid of it.

okay lets kick things off with the Ferraro 430 Scuderia, after i tried Tuner2000's mod (no offense) i wanted a bit more and it didint satisfy my need for a good ferrari mod, now this 1 ain't perfect but its good enough for me.

Next up a car i did for the exterior mesh, physics made by Diegoborges, i dont have much to say 3 versions Hybrid, Type-R and "Race"

Following the FD2 is the Lotus F1, this is a car i did for fun, and because SLR lacked some openwheel madness. im still not sure about the scale as not many engines fit this car proper but im happy with the way it was.

The car comes without the scheme, and has been scaled up since these pictures.

onto 2 of my latest projects 1 finished: Ford Fiesta Mk2 XR2, 1 unfinished: Renault Megane RS

both cars are only done because of the mesh, both have a very detailed body and enginebay/trunk/interior/underbody.

The Renault Megane RS

These last 2 i dont have many pictures of them, the mufflers you have seen on almost any of my rides and most of the rims included too, the "Stance Coilovers" is a pack i made combining some runninggear packs, so i DID NOT MAKE THESE MYSELF, i wanna thank rolts for making the adjustable runninggear for the back and the owner/maker of the "Evo front runninggear"

*NOTE: the Mix of Parts might crash your SLR on some mods, use with caution and im not responsible for any lost data.

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44. cb7tunerjdm

2013-05-04 22:14

man why do you have to leave, DONT YOU SEE WHAT YOU MADE!!!! :megusta :ffuu :yuno


43. tolga1308061

2012-10-11 15:23



42. FJ

2012-02-19 08:53

@Jake the xr2 works perfect for me, except that the driver drives from the passanger's seat but is great i give it 9.5 'cause the driver is sitting on wrong seat!!!!...i use MWM


41. FJ

2012-02-18 08:25

the fiesta looks it works fine.

40. eastham

2010-12-16 19:16

i love the xr2 mk2 fiesta


39. Jaziba

2010-11-23 09:30

net als dat ik zei creer een topic en stel dan je vraag in ENGELS.


38. thomasmeijer

2010-11-22 17:21



37. thomasmeijer

2010-11-22 15:38

je kunt gewoon nedelands


36. Jaziba

2010-11-22 15:30

invalid argument, im also from the netherlands and my english is fine.

35. SPD13TDI

2010-11-22 14:25



34. thomasmeijer

2010-11-22 13:38

what is a thread my english is not so good im from the netherlands


33. Jaziba

2010-11-22 13:29

create a thread, with pictures and a good discription. maybe we/i can help.


32. thomasmeijer

2010-11-22 13:04

the the stock exausts ownly fits on stock cars


31. thomasmeijer

2010-11-22 13:04

for every car


30. thomasmeijer

2010-11-22 13:03

i get now exausts


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