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Author / Submitted by: bitelaserkhalif, bb93

BB93 Main Menu NO CAR Rendering

Sped up loading times with this java file!

Are you getting tired of laggy load times, waiting the car and background to be rendered?
Or the game just crashed at beginning bcoz the car doesn't exist anymore?

Well, say goodbye to that!

Because... this mod is now released!

Benefits of using this mod:
  • Faster load times on low spec PC
  • Reducing likelihood of game crash
  • And many moar...

No picture, as it just simple tweak and all button are in same spot.
Tags: Slrr Bb93 , Bb93 Main Menu , Menu Mod , Menu , Slrr Main Menu.

Download: BB93 Main Menu NO CAR Rendering

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2. bitelaserkhalif

2018-04-15 21:25

@paulrobert copy the file to CURRENTGAMEDIR\sl\Scripts\game\src, and replace it


1. PaulRobert

2018-04-09 01:29

how to install ?

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