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Author / Submitted by: NITROLANCER1

Clean Daytime Valo City

Makes daytime Valo City have only traffic and police. No dummy fake racers to crash your game.

Unlike Corradoskj's mod, this leaves some life to the city and night racing is still available. (This mod actually fixes night time traffic crash too.)

Tags: 221 , 2Mwm , City , Clean , Le , Mwm , Slrr , Slrrmwm , Valo

Download: Clean Daytime Valo City

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7. rgegregegrg

2017-01-10 14:32

@NITROLANCER1 thank you!!! good mod

6. flyitlikearental

2015-11-22 16:24

is there any way of just limiting the racers in valo city? I get bad microstuttering when there is a lot of playable cars on the map? Turning down traffic density does not help, i need to limit the other racers to maybe 2 per club per session? Anyone?

5. ChevyManGaming

2014-12-27 06:05

Downloaded it, And the only thing it gave me was an infinite loading screen.


4. birger89

2014-07-30 07:59

You are great! This is awesome!


2014-07-28 08:44

Thanks man!

2. TakumiFujiwara

2014-07-27 23:25

You sir..... ARE AWESOME!! Been waiting for someone to find a fix for the stupid fake racer and traffic crashing awesome job. :)


2014-07-26 11:45

If the download does not work, click here:


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