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Author / Submitted by: Acyd

ENV MAPS by Acyd

matte, chrome and normal!
don't forget to make a backup!

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Download: ENV MAPS by Acyd

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8. tolga1308061

2012-10-11 15:24


7. wolf75

2011-02-05 02:02

me likes

6. jbtubas

2011-02-04 16:10

I installed it, and it made everything matte! not a bad thing, just not my style.


5. Daniel

2011-02-04 13:09


4. dG\Cyanide

2011-02-04 12:53

Wouldnt this be in the 3d modeling section?

3. Jake.

2011-02-04 09:39

i know have exact same settings as you know dopey :D:P

2. Dopey_1974

2011-02-04 09:37

Hehe i knew you was uploading it here.
Ok, i have it for a longggggggg time, but its awesome dude !

1. Jake.

2011-02-04 09:25

totally awesome they work great thank you :D

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