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Author / Submitted by: TheOne10118

LS3 Self-Destruct Prevention


When you're buzzing the limiter in the LS3 mod by BB93, the engine usually kills itself within 10 seconds. This mod makes it much harder to blow by simply buzzing the limiter. It can still fall out if you crash hard enough though. Tags: Ls3

Download: LS3 Self-Destruct Prevention

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5. gorgoil

2016-09-10 20:47

Good job but I don't want to be a dick head but BB93 doesn't authorizes to post here in GOM anything related to LS. Just saying no hate. That's why I didn't post here the update I've made in GM LS series

4. TheOne10118

2016-09-10 18:36

You're welcome! If only the Turboshaft was open source...

3. EliasFD3S

2016-09-09 13:01

thanks bro ! Can you make this for 4A GE ?

2. Evoix9man

2016-09-09 00:10

He changed the block java files

1. Sterling

2016-09-08 17:56

What has been changed in the file ?

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