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Author / Submitted by: DenDav

MWM TrackSelector for 2.3.0LE


First of all. Sorry for my broken English, coz it's not my native language. Peace. :)
Thx to vlad_stark and RAXAT for tips and help.

So. This is a ported MWM TrackSelector for 2.3.0LE with some functions from MWM mod.

KEYS OPTiONS (Hardbinded in Track.java):

TAB, CMD_OSDONOFF ; Switch on\off HUD
ENTER, CMD_SM_SWITCH ; Bullet time on\off
Key 1, CMD_FLIP ; Flip ur car
Key 2, CMD_QUICKREPAIR ; Quick repair ur car
//Key 3, CMD_MIRROR ; Mirror. Enable and fix this feature in Track.java
Key 4, CMD_SIMSPEEDDEC ; Increase game speed
Key 5, CMD_SIMSPEEDINC ; Decrease game speed
Key 6, CMD_CAMROTATE ; Camera rotating
NUMPAD0, CMD_SIMPAUSE ; Freeze game speed
NUMPAD1, CMD_LOOKBACK ; Look back option

Unpack this archive to folder with game. But always remember to backup.



- Initial release. The main brainf%$k was in messing around with a obvious error such "this string hasn't been found in TestTrack". And a respawn point has been changed for a while.
Can't enter to the Top Gear (from MWM patch) track from Track Selector.
When u hit F4, CMD_LOOKBACK going to unavailable. F3 button will fix that.
Invisible water in some maps. Not so often u can catch this bug. It's can be fixed in *TRACK_NAME*.java

From Russia with vodka.
DenDav 04.03.2015 (DD.MM.YYYY lol) Tags: No tags

Download: MWM TrackSelector for 2.3.0LE

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6. Wildcon12

2017-07-03 13:36

Oh yeah, I forgot mention about the latest update. The SLRR 2.3.1 is not compatible cause it crash startup. So, If someone made this, I would be happy forward to it.

5. DenDav

2015-05-05 08:50

4. gsl77

2015-05-04 14:26

can you post a link to the fixed java I don't no how to edit it

3. gsl77

2015-03-11 21:13

nice work

2. DenDav

2015-03-07 10:29

@PXRZ, just open Track.java, cut this string

osd.createHotkey( Input.RCDIK_F10, Input.KEY|Osd.HK_STATIC, CMD_QUICKREPAIR, this );
from if( GameLogic.cheats ) and paste it outside of condition.
That's how it should look like:


2015-03-07 09:44

Would be nice if you could make 230LE stuff available for MWM too (etc the Quick Repair feature so you can repair while driving your vehicle.).

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