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Author / Submitted by: Backa

New SLR:R Garage

JDM Bros First Garage


LA:SR Garage
In SLR:R 230LE



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Download: New SLR:R Garage

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31. tolga1308061

2012-10-11 15:14


30. PXRZ

2010-09-04 18:37

Were am i supose to click so i can use garage?

29. carbon1993

2010-04-02 13:43

what is wrong with the link??? if i click on it it will go to a death counter wtf??

28. Grudas

2009-06-25 11:28

im using it with 2.2.1 mwm dont use the lift thing so dunno if it crashes the game..


27. PunkGuy

2009-06-25 02:38

the textures looks like you captue this garage from doom 2


26. robban_9000

2009-06-24 21:51

well, i dont know if it would work with mwm since this comes with a new rpk.. but if anyone try, please post the result here ^^ if it works, or if it doesnt..

25. JAG

2009-06-24 19:24

@Robban: 2.2.1? What about MWM? I bet it looks funny with the lift thing coming out of the floor!

24. backa

2009-06-24 16:04

ayay cap'n :P

23. MisterSir

2009-06-24 15:42

try fixing the textures, the floor to something ligther (maybe white tiles), and you definatly have to change the wall texture those bricks are for exterior not interior of a garage. then maybe take a look at the tool boxes and see what u can do there.

22. backa

2009-06-24 15:40

yea il release some updates to it tomorrow :)

21. Davidov

2009-06-24 13:24

Yeah, it's not a beta...lol About time.


20. Yummy

2009-06-24 12:59

First normal release from backa :]


19. robban_9000

2009-06-24 11:59

it worked on 2.2.1 to, i tested it :) good job backa!!

18. Franco

2009-06-24 11:52

it's well done, but i find it too dark... 7/10

17. sabroo

2009-06-24 11:04

does it work on 2.2.1 MWM ??


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