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Author / Submitted by: thebestmoder and bitelaserkhalif

SLRR SL1 Cars Source Code (ALL CARS, FIXED)

Source code for SL1 Cars, co-aided with thebestmoder

The fixed version of thebestmoder java source pack. REQUIRES DIEGOBORGES CUSTOM HEADS!

What i did fix:
  • Successfully rescripted the Codrac. Not einvagen badged but duhen badged.
  • Rescripted the Stallion. Was using v6 but eventually made it with V8. Success.
  • Reworked the engine section of whisper so it uses V10 instead of V8. Only head cover to change, not a big deal tho.
  • Rescripts ishima sunset, some of them are missing before.
  • Einvagen Remo reworked.
  • Ishima Sunset reworked.
  • Engine fixes: Whisper is using V10 now instead of devils V8, Codrac gets bigger displacement, CB Zed is now AWD as opposed to FWD, Kurumma gets stock V8 for compatibility, andRWD duhen axis (using DIEGOBORGES head cover mod, rotate engine to get nice effect!)
  • Longer Description!!!
  • And many more!!


credit goes to thebestmoder and bitelaserkhalif (for some fix)
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Download: SLRR SL1 Cars Source Code (ALL CARS, FIXED)

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3. bitelaserkhalif

2017-05-30 21:34

Yet another fix kuruma makes game crashes when gfoing to user caar dealer

2. bitelaserkhalif

2017-05-29 02:20

@the best moder
I refixed this pack, since coyot has no engine and also some brand is gone wrong

1. the best moder

2017-05-26 16:28

Thangs for finishing it.I will use it for my pack

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