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Author / Submitted by: Benjaboi and me mate :)

EVO 8 skins me and my mate chris done

^ title

not alot to say, just new skins for the evo 8, simple but nice i rekon :) my mate chris done the second one :)

dont upload to anywhere else, and if i find this on kietikas ima scream! Tags: No tags

Download: EVO 8 skins me and my mate chris done

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6. benjaboi

2011-02-23 18:35

awh i liked that little speech there Viktor :) yeah i do need to learn more like :) tis about time i fired up 3DS MAX and attempted(notice the word attempt) to do some good ones :P

5. Varga Viktor

2011-02-22 12:34

MF :)
I think don't needed to say to he crab words.
Everyrhing what he needed is just a little
routine and a little more learn about PJ-s.
This is G.O.M. and maybe this is a big
family i think. Support one another and not
embitter the other.
This is just an opinion, my opinion. :)

4. MF

2011-02-22 11:18

not nice pfeeee :s

3. benjaboi

2011-02-20 15:45

i know i could make a better one, but its something quick and simple, it is my first pj after all :L im trying to do a Borla exuast systems decal set for this evo, so that might not be long, but thanks for the comments :P

2. Varga Viktor

2011-02-20 12:27

Maybe better if you try out one paintjob making tutorial.
Not bad paintjob bro but it's not enought unique. The truth
is that how easy to make it. I dont want to hurt you or
say bad things to your job but I really recommended to you
that PJ tutorials :) You will se how you could make more better paintjobs than it.

1. dG\Cyanide

2011-02-20 11:41

Um nice try but not worth uploading tbh.

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