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Author / Submitted by: PopTarT's

Nissan Skyline 2Fast 2Furious Skin V1

Nissan Skyline 2Fast 2Furious Skin V1

its not the greatest but its good for now the skyline skin from 2f2f it still need work (i was half asleep and couldent really see when i was doing this) so if you want you can mess around with it but if your going to re-post it make sure you ask me first

Maker's Note:
hey this is my first mod so im still working on this kindove thing but iv been modding for years (not my own mods) but im still working on this i know its not that good but if you want you can help me and make this look better just make sure i have some credit and show me what your changing oh and btw thank you acyd for you decals pack

Peace my name is PopTarT's

Note for PopTart: next time try not to write a life story in the description box, and organize your stuff abit better
Edited by: MisterSir
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Download: Nissan Skyline 2Fast 2Furious Skin V1

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report broken link

14. Burn Rubber

2016-07-01 14:18

If it brought you to The Escapist then the link is broken and the mod is not avalible for download anymore sadly. :/


13. Drivox

2016-07-01 14:04

Why i cant download it? Please help me because im new on this site and i dont have idea where to download it... i pressed on download and it did nothing! Then i pressed on the nissan skyline gtr r34 2fst 2 furious skin and it brought me on a site called the escapist.. Please help me i really want to download this..


12. oninaks

2012-06-22 05:06

i have a real skyline...with 900hp in it...tooo real too fast and too furious

11. PopTarTs

2011-01-23 22:43

you go to save/skins/and add the files then you go to paint the car in the came and load the skin it should work


10. Jase Trenner

2010-09-26 13:20

not to be a noob but where do I put this in my game? I have the skyline I know how to make it work in the game but what file to I put it in? and don't say my ass, Ill piss u off

9. PopTarTs

2010-08-02 23:14

sorry just see for your self but if you dont want to then its not my prob i just have nothing better to do right now

8. kevoos

2010-08-02 04:31


7. PopTarTs

2010-08-02 00:04

its a great car that he put together (not my paintjob i mean lehto's nissan skyline)

6. PopTarTs

2010-08-01 19:49

it works with lehto's skyline

5. Stormy

2010-08-01 15:25

wich skyline from which autor ?

4. PopTarTs

2010-08-01 13:19

and yeah sorry im fail at most of this

3. PopTarTs

2010-08-01 13:18

sorry about that i forgot the pics

2. maryus_x90

2010-08-01 13:16

pics ?...and its not a mod...its a PJ :'

1. Davidov

2010-08-01 13:16


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