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Author / Submitted by: DenDav\Pablo Saley

Removed speed limit

With this mod u can reach more than 540 km\h. Enjoy!

Tags: Removed , Speed Limit

Download: Removed speed limit

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10. PraydE

2018-04-01 17:03

I get 999 km/h. It's max with this patch. Who can make patch for full remove speed limit?

9. dimasgantengingat432

2016-02-23 23:56

error disk???


8. Rokstr

2015-08-30 14:30

Lol :D went faster than my game could take, after while it crahsed :D

7. DenDav

2014-08-06 16:39

Just unpack .exe file of ur game version in folder with game.

6. joooothebest

2014-08-05 07:13

how to use

5. KeeJay13

2014-07-04 06:37

It's limit is near 999 - at least speedo shows it.

I went 860km/h with Lehto's RB26DETT, but I don't have any proof.

4. Wi Fi Pr0

2014-07-01 03:20

I got 780 KPH so far.

Great patch.

3. dG.Cyanide

2014-05-31 11:55

I used the only exe the game folder had lol.

2. KeeJay13

2014-05-31 05:00

Have you used proper .exe? For me it works on Stage 1

1. dG.Cyanide

2014-05-31 03:13

Crashed my game with no error log. Stage 1 2.2.1 MWM w/ LE2MWM.

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