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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Game Patches \ Street Legal Racing: Redline - v2.1.4 -> v2.1.5 Retail Beta patch

Author / Submitted by: Invictus Games Ltd.

Street Legal Racing: Redline - v2.1.4 -> v2.1.5 Retail Beta patch

Official Patch.

Street legal Racing REDLINE
Beta patch v2.1.4 -> v2.1.5

This patch will address the following bugs:

- player could not join to higher clubs
- pointer could go mad in the garage
- sometimes there was no opponent to race with
- occasionally loading screens of car dealers did not disappear in time
- following to 'watch race' sometime you could not accelerate
- Race Of Champions could crash
- misplaced replacement parts of Baiern and Emer Nonus
- MC transmission could not be placed onto a Simutshibu Engine block
- rally fog-lights had only one light glow
- Emer GT2 static compression was too high
- there as was no rear seat installed into the stock Einvagen
- some parts had incorrect prices
- painting had compatibility problems with older video cards
- ... and many more

Developed by:
Invictus Games Ltd.

All rights reserved 2003
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Download: Street Legal Racing: Redline - v2.1.4 -> v2.1.5 Retail Beta patch

Filesize, kB: 7KB

Downloaded: 6269

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5. lol77777

2013-06-25 21:22



4. skyline05

2013-01-16 11:39

3. Christopher Jason

2011-04-28 19:26

cause if u downloaded the GAME from here U DONT NEED THESE !!!


2. DamianP

2011-04-28 17:22

Im getting same message PLZ help


1. dale323

2010-11-23 14:40

Check: cars\racers\Baiern_data\meshes\FL_quarterpanel_2.scx
CRC Error: cars\racers\Baiern_data\meshes\FL_quarterpanel_2.scx
Cancel install...
Install aborted.
Error code: -7
help pls

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