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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Game Patches \ Street Legal Racing: Redline - v2.2.1 -> v2.3.0 LE Patch

Author / Submitted by: Raxat

Street Legal Racing: Redline - v2.2.1 -> v2.3.0 LE Patch

GOM-Team Unofficial Patch.

Features/ Fixes/ Additions since 2.2.1:
- Improved performance on some computers (about 20% boost)
- Removed autosaving, now you should use 'save career' option in the main menu
- Advanced 3D animated background in the main menu with custom car/ player_car if career mode is active
- Car descriptor update
- Car stock configuration update
- Advanced Bullet Time [SlowMotion] feature (ENTER hotkey)
- Freeze feature (NUM0 hotkey)
- Quick repair feature ([1] hotkey)
- Advanced Car Flip feature ([2] hotkey)
- HideOSD feature (TAB hotkey)
- Improved maximum paintcan size
- New engine, skid and environment sounds
- 30000 USD in new career
- Improved car amount in used car dealer
- Unlocked descriptions for parts
- Extended N2O injection value limitation
- Used car generation mechanism update
- Smart-looking paintcans
- Complete OSD texture update
- Improved night race prizes
- Improved handling
- Improved chances for Pink Slip races
- Updated ROC cars
- Paint works now not free
- Latest scripts and mechanisms
- Add: Furrano GTS as bonus car
- Add: 8hour button to garage
- Add: Advanced Gravity button to garage
- Add: Car Exchange market
- Add: More than 10 new fully working cheats
- Add: ESL lighting & motion graphic effects + latest ESL shader scripts
- Add: Neon Lights
- Add: Engine kits
- Add: Suspension kits
- Add: Bodykits
- Add: Big 96 pound N2O canisters
- Add: Adjustable gas ,oil, and oil-gas shock absorbers
- Add: i6 Methanol fuel injection system
- Add: i4 clutch and flywheel + i4 engine script update
- Add: 'Sell All' button
- Add: Garage neon lighting
- Add: SL intro video
- Add: 'Smart VRC' option
- Add: Halogen lights
- Add: Custom doors
- Add: Realistic environment maps
- Add: High-poly brake meshes (optional)
- Add: Fully working swaybars
- Add: 4 new engines: V6, V10, V12 and V16

Known bugs:
- Game could crash on loadings
- 5-click suspension kit installation
- Flipping parts misattach from source on crashings
- Engine have no shadow
- Parts can lose paintability after loading
- Fake racers' cars can be turned to wrong angle in night race
- OSD rendering bugs after changing resolution
- Wrong scene lights position and disappearing light after changing active camera

Fixes in this patch since 2.2.1:

- Fix: Engine sound system update
- Fix: Window overlay bugs
- Fix: Random sound when going to city roaming
- Fix: Camera bugs in night races
- Fix: ROC info wrong background picture
- Fix: ROC info wrong title colours
- Fix: Wrong opponent names in quickrace mode
- Fix: Game crashes on repairing kits
- Fix: Wrong part names
- Fix: Nonus GT2 had stock bodyparts
- Fix: Invalid resource links
- Fix: V8 carburetors had extremely low detail on track
- Fix: 400m view range limitation, extension to 3000m
- Fix: Scene rendering bugs after changing resolution on track
- Fix: Ability to use cheats in Single Car mode or ROC
- And more...

- letmeroc - cheat to go to ROC
- begformoney - money cheat, but now 1 000 000 USD
- iamcoolguy - 3000 prestige points and 4 secret buttons in club info
- kickassreddevil - teleports you to the red club and places you to the 1st place in club rating
- catchmywheels - gives you Furrano GTS to your garage
- bavariancheetah - gives you Baiern GT3 to your garage
- hellofromtokyo - gives you Nonus GT2 to your garage
- racingforreal - gives you Duhen CDVC to your garage
- iloverallies - gives you Enula WRST to your garage
- americanmuscles - gives you MC GTLE to your garage
- granturismo - gives you Focer WRC to your garage
- xtremetuner - gives you Einvagen 140GTA to your garage
- primemyride - gives you Prime DLH500 to your garage
- dragstarr - gives you 'Drag Starr' Hauler's SD750 to your garage


To install this patch correctly, please follow the following procedure!

Install the SLR Game.

Next install This Patch (2.0.0>2.2.1)

Then you are ready to install 2.3.0 LE patch.

DO NOT install any other patches then what was said above and DO NOT install 2.3.0 BASE version first !!!!!

If your game is modified it WILL CRASH !

IF YOUR RUNNING VISTA OR WIN 7, Run as ADMIN or Compatible XP and it should work FINE Tags: No tags

Download: Street Legal Racing: Redline - v2.2.1 -> v2.3.0 LE Patch

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Downloaded: 99201

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201. @_sep

2017-03-23 04:01

Please help me i cannot patch the game


200. shadowhite98

2016-08-15 00:54

Followed this step by step until start when it crashes every time. I am running it in compatibility mode and as a admin. What do I do?

199. StreetKeningston

2016-05-14 09:09

@Nedstark232: is your game in?
C:/Program Files/activision/street legal racing redline ?


198. Nedstark232

2016-05-09 02:23

It won't let me patch it it keeps sayin game error


197. bradjf87

2016-04-14 01:48

dont bother i got a proper version of this game tottaly unmodded 2.2.1 version ran the update and everything was fine but double clicking to start the game does nothing now a legit game with a legit update dosnt work hope someone can fix this


196. bradjf87

2016-04-13 22:21

ok guys this update does crash with the version of the game i got from this same site


195. bradjf87

2016-04-13 22:02

ok its good to see that none of the comments have been replied to i can tell the devs are really into there fan base,
i see it says will not work with mods and someones already asked about it but since theres no reply i guess this is just a stupid update that half of us cant use as i downloaded the game from this site and was pree modded,
ill test it out on a backup copie of 2.2.1 and let you all know if it works.

194. Racedriver43

2016-03-13 13:05

I just downloaded the patch, and I must say, it is amazing! Very great work! I can't wait for the release of 2.3.1! Thank you for all your hard work!


193. Beesie999

2015-10-30 02:11

Jesus where do I click to download [email protected]?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


192. rivan1095

2015-10-06 11:29

how to download it ?


191. ivar955

2015-09-10 13:35

i don´t have the game but i wan´t to play slrr 2.3.0 were can i download so i get 2.3.0


190. kyle1210

2015-09-01 14:29

hi can someone help me please, I downloaded the patch but when I click to install it nothing comes up.

189. yamada14

2015-07-29 18:34

I run windows 8 it works fine but let me ask should my compatabiblty go lower

188. yamada14

2015-07-29 18:28

I have slrr 2.2.1 the game. will it work?


187. Vadim_Vaimets

2015-07-05 19:08



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