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Author / Submitted by: Defiant

Drag Rim Pack 5

All new drag wheel pack hand modeled and scripted by me.

This pack includes:

Billet Specialties Win Lite 15x11 (2)
Billet Specialties Win Lite 15x5 (2)
Billet Specialties Win Lite 15x13 (2)
Lenso Pro Street Zero 15x11 (1)
Lenso Pro Street Zero 15x13 (1)
Lenso Pro Street Zero 15x5 (1)
Lenso Pro Street Zero 17x10 (1)
Lenso Pro Street Zero 18x10 (1)
Street PRO II Convo 15x11 (2)
Street PRO II Convo 15x5 (2)
Street Pro II Convo 17x10 (2)
Street Pro II Convo 18x10 (2)
Weld Racing S76 15x11 (1)
Weld Racing S76 15x13 (1)
Weld Racing S76 15x11 (1)
Weld Racing S76 17x10 (2)
Weld Racing S76 18x10 (2)
Weld Racing V Series 15x5 (1)
Weld Racing V Series 15x11 (2)
Weld Racing V Series 15x13 (2)
Weld Racing V Series 15x5 (1)
Weld Racing V Series 17x10 (1)
Weld Racing V Series 18x10 (1)
Weld Racing Magnum 15x5 (1)
Weld Racing Magnum 15x11 (1)
Weld Racing Magnum 15x13 (1)
Weld Racing Magnum 17x10 (2)
Weld Racing Magnum 18x10 (2)
Belak Industries GTR 17x10 (2)
Belak Industries GTR 18x10 (2)
Belak Industries GTR 15x11 (2)
Belak Industries GTR 15x5 (2)
Sander Engineering 750 Series 15x5 (3)
Sander Engineering 750 Series 15x11 (3)

Note: only SOME wheels are paintable, be sure to check the description first.

**HOTFIX IS OUT, it fixes a small texture glitch, if you downloaded before seeing this message please download the update**

Tags: Drag , Rim , Wheel , Belak , Weld , Racing , Billet , Specialties , Magnum , Lenso , Sander , Street

Download: Drag Rim Pack 5

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5. riatyes24

2018-02-12 16:20

nicerim, dude...downloading now...thanks btw

4. a1ex

2018-02-11 17:05


3. Defiant

2018-02-11 15:53


2. George_Monroe

2018-02-11 13:20


1. Fireful0

2018-02-11 13:17

Your rims are always super awesome quality!
Can't wait to put these on my cars! :)

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