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Author / Submitted by: Morpheus Hell

Morpheus´s last will

*This will be my last public upload.*
*Contains nearly all rims i´ve ever done.
*around 340 rims
*the pack "Steelie" contains 3 diff. hubcaps to each size of the steelies
so u got a lot of combinations. The caps are in spoilers or other to bodyparts.
*for the 15" rims is a tirepackage by Franco in "MAG15" included
*you can share,upload or rework all files like you need
as long you name me as author
*credits also to Franco and JonVer
for some 3d files and rims
*if you dont like it don´t use it. there is no need for stupid weird comments below

enjoy and have a great christmas time

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Download: Morpheus´s last will

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21. 500m3

2016-05-24 01:24

thanks for your work


20. thor-04

2016-02-13 23:06

Hey i need help, vossen pack is giving me errors on bb93 Slrr...


19. MrhappehFaic

2016-01-21 19:57

Time to find out which one keeps crashing my game :D

18. 84accord

2016-01-05 23:44

didnt cap .com lol

17. Defiant

2016-01-05 21:58

You're probably typing the password in wrong.

16. 84accord

2016-01-05 18:44

keep saying error and wont let me extract

15. blast

2016-01-05 11:39


14. H_I

2016-01-02 16:29

damn whats the password pls tell me


13. Sam C

2015-12-28 23:24

!Package conflict: multiple packages placed at the same location ( at parts\M5_rimpack\scripts)

12. JDM UK

2015-12-28 14:31

Thanks very awesome!! :) :)

sorry maybe this picture is to big..

11. Morpheus Hell

2015-12-28 03:39

@veyron155 .. your is running fine? the multiple error is the result that i use some id´s more than 1 time. but the rims should work fine. so ignore that ;-)

10. veyron155

2015-12-27 21:30

I have this error


9. RED_SHOT_01

2015-12-25 22:29

No meu ta pedindo senha

8. oxman99

2015-12-25 20:44

Awesome ad picture


2015-12-25 17:40



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