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Author / Submitted by: RedCarDriver

Mustang Wheel Pack

Required for Harrison15's future Mustang mods

These are eventually going to be required for the fixed versions of my Mustang mods. For now, they are only integrated into the 2010-2014 Mustang (S197a), but they will be used instead of standard included wheels on the revised versions of all of the others.

Included: too many things to list, on Mustang models from 1993 to 2014. Tags: Brakes , Brembo , Ford , Ford Mustang , Gt500 , Mustang , Mustang Gt , Rims , Roush , Saleen , Saleen S281 , Shelby , Tires , Wheels

Download: Mustang Wheel Pack

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4. charlesky27

2017-08-17 17:14

3. Defiant

2015-10-19 21:45

The factory wheels and brakes are great

2. MethaneCNG

2015-10-17 19:28

Works with LE2BB93 but there's a problem : I buy hubcaps/wheel covers and they don't show up in the inventory. Also would be cool to have stock LX (Fox Body) rims. Great pack anyway , stock brakes are so cool! Can't wait for updates , I'd love to have a Fox or a New Edge (javas for Ford V8 pack in the SN95/New Edge anyone ? Like the one for the Fox Body that makes it come with the 302 from the dealer) with stock rims/brakes from the dealer.

1. RedCarDriver

2015-10-16 04:34

I am planning on updating this with some custom wheels for other Foxbody Mustangs (like 1993 Cobra non-Cobra-R and 1986 SVO), SVT Terminator wheels, etc., but that will have to wait. This is a beta project, and will be updated with each Mustang car mod I make / update.

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