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Old Replacement Rims

Some old rims

Okay, this is very old but i saw that some people here wants them so i'll thought i'll upload. These are not all rims that links are broken in the download page, but some of them. The rims are:

Stock steelie rim
200 spoke rim
P4 Audi rim
BMW M5 rim
Alot of DQD Drift rims
2 OZ rally rims
OZV racing rimpack
Super Advan rim
Disco Drift rim

These things are old, so I don't think authors might complain.
Enjoy :) Tags: No tags

Download: Old Replacement Rims

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2017-01-02 16:11

SCRENSHOOT Автор где фотографии? ты что совсем с ума сошел?


13. KingPro68

2017-01-01 05:13



12. SLrrIsThEBeSt

2015-07-12 03:06

lol no picture no download :D dont wnna mess up the game

11. JDM UK

2013-12-11 07:38

http://generatorlinkpremium.com/?error=captcha for download in croco free!!!!!!!!


10. tolga1308061

2012-10-11 14:38


9. zachisbeter

2012-08-05 21:04

upload it to gamefront plz?
if you wont can i?

8. sam339

2011-12-13 12:14

could someone pls upload this again?

7. Christopher Jason

2011-07-26 19:22

mind being nicer ?


6. iamnotcody

2011-07-26 19:07

Aggh the link is screwed. Mind fixing it?


2009-06-19 09:44

oh lol I already uploaded all the DQD rims as apart pack.. there are around 20 rims in there..


4. Bullen09

2009-06-18 12:44

you are the best thanks alot ;b

3. Miegalius

2009-06-17 09:52

no problem :D

2. Christopher Jason

2009-06-17 08:16

YAY been looking for these for a long time

1. Davidov

2009-06-17 06:16

Thanks a lot for uploading, now I can delete the borken individual DL's

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