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Author / Submitted by: Gorgoil

Volk TE37

Rim model: Volk TE37
Sizes: 15 to 19
Author of convertion: Gorgoil

Description: These Volk they came in 2 separated parts(rim & lugnuts) and both parts are paintable separately. The lugnuts came when you buy the rim.


Tags: Volk Te37 , Volk , Te37 , Rays

Download: Volk TE37

Filesize, kB: 3.8837890625KB

Downloaded: 688

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12. gorgoil

2016-08-29 16:10

So you are unlucky they are released it was a fast work so I won't lose more time in them ahaha If I found a way it's going to be added only in next rims I do in this way.

11. Burn Rubber

2016-08-28 23:06

Oh. That's kinda weird. :/

If you find any way to fix it I'd like it. :P

10. gorgoil

2016-08-28 22:25

That's normal because you can't make they load previous color don't know why

9. Burn Rubber

2016-08-27 22:44


The lugnuts revert back to red after reloading the save if I painted them.


8. FranIp01

2016-08-26 18:19


7. gorgoil

2016-07-21 06:16

Thanks moh supercharged

6. moh supercharged

2016-07-20 22:02

nice work gorgoil i love that rim

5. gorgoil

2016-07-20 15:50

No Fireful0, just by doing them in 2 parts in only one

4. Fireful0

2016-07-18 21:30

With the Rays logo? :)

3. gorgoil

2016-07-18 15:47

Fireful0 - Thanks

PXRZ - That's why I made them in a unique way


2016-07-18 11:50

Must be the most popular rim model for SLRR no doubt.

1. Fireful0

2016-07-17 18:05

Great work!

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