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Author / Submitted by: Defiant

Weld Racing Street And Strip Pack

Weld Racing Street And Strip Wheel Pack

This pack includes:

Weld Racing S71B 15x11
Weld Racing S71B 15x13
Weld Racing S71B 15x5
Weld Racing S71 15x10
Weld Racing S71 18x10
Weld Racing S71 18x10 Deep Dish
Weld Racing S77 18x10
Weld Racing S77 15x10
Weld Racing Delta-1 15x13
Weld Racing Delta-1 15x15
(2) Weld Racing Draglite 15x11
(2) Weld Racing Draglite 15x5
(2) Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x11
(2) Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x13
Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x5

As well as over 15 tires ranging from legal grooved radials to big drag slicks

Credits to blast for S71 spokes and for some screenshots Tags: Weld , Racing , Defiant , Drag , Street , Strip

Download: Weld Racing Street And Strip Pack

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9. xxxCobraxxx

2017-04-05 19:59

woow they look amazing, but in which version of all SL works them in?
(Is brand new to this game, so I try to find out which one to play)


8. Rodmann112312

2017-03-08 20:10

Link for the cars pls?


7. Mudgett

2016-11-10 20:07

Can't download mediafire just keeps trying to bring up virus pages ;(


6. samgdejesus

2016-11-01 02:53

100/10!!! In the blue mustang where did you get those seats and what suspension arms did you use in the rear? Mine when i use the really wide ones and when i try to hide them in the body, i cant see the center part of the rim anymore, all i see is the disk brake

5. jeff191144

2016-10-31 14:37

they look amazing thanks defiant

4. Morpheus Hell

2016-10-31 13:58

wooow thank you much Defiant for that amazing pack ;-)

3. the best moder

2016-10-31 12:02

Where did you found the trailer?

2. Fireful0

2016-10-30 13:57

Incredible work, Defiant!!!


1. jimmiehoonana

2016-10-30 13:53

10/10 dope af

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