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Author / Submitted by: Benjaboi

1JZ-GTE new sounds!

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thanks to a donation of sounds from RScosworth, i have made new sounds for the 1JZ motor the one that has been recently updated! so, download, enjoy and tell me what you think of them! :) Tags: No tags

Download: 1JZ-GTE new sounds!

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18. KingPro68

2016-12-31 18:19


17. Wittrock1991

2014-05-03 15:35

How do i install these? Just replace the originals? They have diffrent names, so i can't see how it's able to load them.

16. Gustav3119

2013-10-02 19:12



15. thelook

2013-09-29 14:08


14. alexpank

2013-05-26 21:02

WERY nice just can be & blow of Walve Saund


13. Quarazhi

2011-07-14 07:43

Would be kinda cool if u could make some new sounds for Mopar Pack cause those arent the best

12. benjaboi

2011-05-05 15:31

LOL i hate that damn thing :L

11. redline_racer

2011-05-04 12:14

its that mouse again :facepalm

10. benjaboi

2011-05-02 12:04

whats up? :S

9. redline_racer

2011-05-02 09:23

awww NO!

8. theblockishot

2011-05-01 22:09


7. redline_racer

2011-05-01 09:13

:trollface :domo

6. JAG

2011-04-30 22:36

It's ":" followed by "troll" followed by "face". :trollface

5. benjaboi

2011-04-30 21:22

:trollface: win XD %spam

4. benjaboi

2011-04-30 21:21

haha i dont know who i get them off! some magical guy sends them to me, its a mystery....¬_¬ and how do you do the troll face?!?! :L is it errmmm :troll: ?


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