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Author / Submitted by: 9kRPM

Toyota 4A-GE Pure Sound Mod


This mod works with the 4age by JDW & J-Performance, rescripted by mindeliszz.
The installation step by step is in the rar.
The engine can sound in 3 different ways, depending on the intake and exhaust modifications.
The ITB sound was converted from this video: *clic here*
And the exhaust sound was converted from this other video: *clic here*
The rest of the sounds are from other games like nfsu2, shift 2 and forza.


Tags: Pure , Sound , 4Age , Toyota , 20V , 16V , Black , Top , Blue , Itb , Exhaust

Download: Toyota 4A-GE Pure Sound Mod

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9. Bordexxx

2018-01-22 00:31

The itb sound only works with stock exhaust .


8. Cobra289

2018-01-06 14:49

To install the sound mod, just place all the folders into your slrr main folder and replace if needed

7. Luke23

2018-01-06 11:28

I clicked the submit button more then i should've, sorry

6. Luke23

2018-01-06 11:27

Well, i still cant install the mod.
What do I do with the addon folder?

5. Luke23

2018-01-05 12:31

Thank you Cobra289


4. Cobra289

2018-01-05 02:02

You can find the rescripted 4A-GE on these links below :



3. Luke23

2018-01-04 19:44

sorry, but i cant find the 4age by JDW & J-Performance, rescripted by mindeliszz. Could someone link me to it please?


2. shinju

2018-01-01 14:24

sorry accidently pressed submit more than i should of...


1. shinju

2018-01-01 14:24


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