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Author / Submitted by: Benjaboi

New sounds for the VR6

as the title says

right i uploaded the gsm VR6 a few days ago and i noticed the sounds are poop, so i made these, for once a mod that i made is here, i would provide a preview on youtube but hypercam is playin up, so sorry guys, anyway its a good improvement over the original,

i hope you like them, please leave a comment on what you thought of them,

created with Audacity 1.3 Beta

thanks for your intrest

ben .w.

p.s easyshare is crap so its on filefront, DEATH TO EASYSHARE! Tags: No tags

Download: New sounds for the VR6

Filesize, kB: 29KB

Downloaded: 3769

report broken link


11. AudreyAllwood

2017-06-14 17:04

Wonderful post and you share excellent content in this post i am happy to comment on this Online Fashion.


10. brunyx97

2014-02-16 12:29

broken link... :(

9. Gustav3119

2013-06-19 14:16

NO NO NO NO :( It is on gamefront :( now i'm mad! They've blocked gamefront in my country so when i try to dl it can't find the site :ffuu


8. ronkeballen

2013-06-13 22:39

Dont use gamefront. it's useless.


7. m.bononi

2012-11-16 20:01

Broken link..! :'(

6. Pro7

2011-07-22 16:03

well, its better, but is soo unreal.. B)

5. benjaboi

2010-12-05 19:13

Thanks dude, easyshare sucks badly

4. MuscleMad

2010-11-29 06:57

atleast it's not on easy share.... and yes it's good.

3. MuscleMad

2010-11-29 06:55

1 min

2. benjaboi

2010-11-12 18:35

damnit, i wanna know if my work is crap or not xD

1. benjaboi

2010-11-04 17:38

any feedback would be nice?

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