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Author / Submitted by: 2.2.1mwn others?


(FIRST TRY LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK)I love muscle cars with big cams, so i got bored and tried to make some meaner v8 sounds, this includes all the rpms just follow by the folders, also in the game set your idle down to 650rpm sounds great:) Enjoy

Enjoy please let me know if it needs some work or suggestions Tags: No tags

Download: V8 BIG CAMS

Filesize, kB: 42KB

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14. Defiant

2015-03-31 09:49

They work fine for me and sound pretty good. I don't know what you're doing to mess that up.

13. Acidcore

2015-03-31 08:15

If its silent, then the files arent .wav which means this sound pack is crap.

12. Dylan3geez

2014-05-27 03:01

how do u get sound to work?, ive replaced, ive deleted old sound and added yours but nothin its just silent, put original back in and works again but stock game sound...help


11. Louie

2014-04-24 20:54

Hey mate I'm using 2.3.0le and I can't get the sound files to work (the game keeps using the originals), do you know how to fix this?


10. jikataaaa

2014-01-02 15:06

how to download


9. ctflying

2013-07-02 23:01

link is fixed


8. ctflying

2013-07-02 22:54

alright im fixing it

7. sam339

2013-07-02 17:32

hey i would love to download it buuuut the link is dead


6. ctflying

2013-06-29 09:35

heres the one im working on still in progress http://youtu.be/5SgAUG8_9b0


5. ctflying

2013-06-29 06:32

yea im working on that, like i said it my first one

4. dG.Cyanide

2013-06-29 04:47

Sounds good, but yeah record with fraps. Also a bit of criticism, I think the transition between idling and revving should be a bit smoother if you understand what I mean.


3. ctflying

2013-06-28 20:54

thanks, ill try it

2. redline_racer

2013-06-28 20:43

not bad :) definately sounds better :) next time record with fraps though.


1. ctflying

2013-06-28 19:58

heres a sample video for the download http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfNVXJYxa0M

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