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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Sound Mods \ new engine sounds for the nightrider enginesounds pack. Stage 1

Author / Submitted by: Benjaboi

new engine sounds for the nightrider enginesounds pack. Stage 1

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so basically these are replacement sounds for the shumitsubishi and emer engines which must be used through the nightriderbr engine sounds mod so, you put the Emer folder in

\Street Legal Racing - Redline\EngineSounds\Engine\I6

and replace old files

with the shumistsubishi folder, you put it in

\Street Legal Racing - Redline\EngineSounds\Engine\I4

make sure you get it right or it will not work, stage 2 will come tommorow hopefully :)

enjoy! :) Tags: No tags

Download: new engine sounds for the nightrider enginesounds pack. Stage 1

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8. benjaboi

2011-05-02 12:03

well i dont know if i will do it tbh, might tomoz if i got time

7. redline_racer

2011-05-02 10:51

theyre abit quiet :( try to make them louder in ANY music/sound editor

6. redline_racer

2011-05-02 04:21


5. diegorborges

2011-05-01 23:10

Yeah, it would be great if you show :) because nightrider sounds are already great! having something even better would be a blast!

4. benjaboi

2011-05-01 19:37

yeahh i know that, but its just a little too time consuming for me, i dont get a lot of time on my hands nowadays, but i try to contribute to gom somehow :)

3. Franco

2011-05-01 19:34

well you really should, better for you doesn't mean that it's better for everyone :)

2. benjaboi

2011-05-01 19:31

yeahh it would be nice like, but im kinda busy right now :L but i think there an improvement, if i dont think there better then i wont upload them, but thats not the point really, but i guess i could start doing that

1. Franco

2011-05-01 19:26

it would be nice if you can show how the sounds are

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