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Author / Submitted by: Acronis

CMS Brakes

Best brakes mod

Let me introduce awesome mod from our promods member Acronis. This mod have about 20 brake disks and 6 calipers. All brake disks have their own size and ingame models corresponds them. Calipers are paintable and they have awesome feature, you can rotate them around brake disk. To do it, click on brake disk and choose rotation degree. Acronis gave permission to upload his mod wherever you want and allowed you edit it.

For all of you who are experiencing the invisible/partially invisible brake discs with this pack, here is the fix:
http://uploadmirrors.com/download/0BPV0WRA/CMS_Brakes_FIX.rar Tags: No tags

Download: CMS Brakes

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45. henniehd4

2017-04-30 18:41

May I upload this to steam workshop?
Great mod BTW

44. Fireful0

2016-03-30 16:39

Awesome work!


43. thatrandomguy23

2013-12-21 16:44

WTF, file doesn't exist. reupload.


42. thatrandomguy23

2013-12-21 15:57

WTF...the link is dead. upload it,these brakes are sweet...

41. TakumiNoobKiller

2013-11-10 01:53

Umm... The download link at gamefront has been taken down.


40. PilotoDe230

2013-09-20 20:59

em que pasta eu boto o disco de freio ????(sou novato)


39. ozal

2013-08-16 10:32

thank you so much this fix works!!!


38. FJ

2013-07-31 16:16


37. buddygp

2013-06-24 13:19

the ~ is called a tilde from jag's comment


36. pichipeloncho

2013-05-19 05:08

Hello here is the solution to the invisible brakes: you just have to go in CMS_Brakes\Textures and type in the files where you see a little square in the names, delete them and replace them with this letter "ñ" (copy and paste if you haven't in your keyboard):
Brake_disk_278_172_1_・png (the point is the square)
Brake_disk_278_172_1_ñ.png (it has to be like this)
do it in all files you see the little square
and the carbon brake:
Brake_disk_380_272_ム_side.png (that symbol its japanese delete it and put with uppercase ñ: Ñ, and the point just ñ)
must be like this:
Brake_disk_380_272_Ñ_side (put a final point to convert it in a png file)

I hope it'll work for you, it worked for me and sorry im from Argentina, Im not a native english speaker


35. sebby1995

2013-02-26 20:10

The download link is broken :( can you please fix it?

34. theREALionKING

2013-02-26 19:41

WOAH. i wasnt expecting this to be so FUCKING GOOD! amazing brakes. works perfect with the fix. 5/5

33. RyanCooper

2012-11-27 21:35

32. J C

2012-10-04 04:49

Somebody reupload plzzz :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu

31. Sens1

2012-09-24 16:48

Link is down ... can we solve this ? :D


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