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Author / Submitted by: mindedrift


properly working

This is swaybar mod i made for my Rev physics. I decided to release it as separate mod.
Everything is included to work properly

What's inside this mod:
-New paintable swaybar model
-Fixed swaybar scripts, gives real swaybar effect
-RPKs for MWM,LE and BB93 slrr versions

Thanks to:
BiggBoss93 for swaybar model
Miran for finding fix for swaybar

Put everything in slrr/parts
Tags: Swaybar

Download: Swaybars

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2. HU1212ICAN3

2015-06-21 13:57

!JVM::assignmentConversion: typecast failed (Ljava.render.osd.Slider;)Ljava.render.osd.Button; in file "java.game.parts.rgearpart.Swaybar" at line 155

Only happens after a minute or so of driving after leaving garage :P

Version: SLRR Stage 1

Any fix guys??? These are sick as F**K and id reeeealy love to use them :D


1. ozal

2014-11-08 08:57

FIRST :D :D lol but Great mod love it!

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